Philips PageWriter Trim III

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EKG Unit

  • The PageWriter Trim III cardiograph is the ultimate in compact, cost-effective cardiograph solution. It is an interpretive EKG system that is easy to transport and combines ease-of-use features with a high-resolution full-color display to meet the needs of fast-paced environments.


    EKG Acquisition

    • EKG signal acquisition of up to 12 leads for both adult and pediatric patients
    • Real-time display, with patient name and ID
    • Automatic and configurable pacemaker detection
    • Metronome feature with configurable options to be used with the Master’s Two-Step Stress Test

    EKG Acquisition

    • R/T (real-time) ECG (12 leads)
    • AUTO (12 leads)
    • RHYTHM (up to 12 leads)
    • DISCLOSE (1 lead)
    • Full alphanumeric keyboard
    • 640 x 480 pixel resolution, color TFT display
    • 2000 samples per second per electrode/lead, 24-bit A/D conversion provides 5μV resolution.
    • Auto Frequency Response: 0.05-150 Hz, 0.15-150 Hz, 0.5-150 Hz, 0.05-100 Hz, 0.15-100 Hz, 0.5-100 Hz, 0.05-40 Hz, 0.15-40 Hz, 0.5-40 Hz

    EKG Quality Monitor

    • Real-time EKG signal quality indicators provide instant user feedback on the location of loose or inoperable electrodes
    • Color-coded waveforms indicate signal quality of each lead
    • Artifact, AC, and low and high pass frequency filters
    • The PageWriter Trim III cardiograph provides storage memory for 150 EKGs, with easy transfer by optional modem, optional CF card, or optional LAN connection
    • Full-screen preview of ECG reports exactly as they appear when printed allows for quality assessment checks prior to printing
    • The PageWriter III cardiograph includes the Philips 12-Lead Algorithm for interpretive analysis of the amplitudes, durations and morphologies of EKG waveforms and associated rhythm for adult and pediatric patients
    • This clinically proven interpretation program provides configurable levels of interpretive, reason and severity statements that are printed on the EKG report

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