Zeiss OPMI-6S

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Surgical Microscope

  • Features:

    • Sharp Optical View
    • Terrific Depth of Focus
    • Compact Microscope Body
    • High Resolution, Internal, Motorized Focus and Zoom
    • Coaxial Illumination at Angle of 4 Degrees for Bright Red Reflex
    • 1:4 Magnification Ratio
    • Manual Override of Motorized Zoom
    • Motorized Focus-50mm Range
    • Standard UV Filter


    Floorstands: 1880, S3, S3b, and Other Configurable Stands May Be Available


    Fiberoptic Illuminator

    • Two Bulb System for Immediate Back-up
    • Varying Rheostat for Illumination Levels
    • Reliable and Easy to Exchange Bulbs
    • Selector for 110V or 220V


    XY Function

    • Travel Range of 4" x 4"
    • Automatic Centering Button
    • Motorized Movement Activated by Joystick on Foot Control


    Foot Control

    • Push Button for Illumination On/Off Available
    • Smooth Pedals for Motorized Focus and Zoom
    • Movable Joystick for Motorized XY



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