Medical Equipment

AED Defibrillators

Physio-Control First Medic 710-AED Defibrillator

Lifepak 500 Medtronic-AED Defibrillator

Zoll AED Plus-Biphasic AED Defibrillator

Zoll PD 2000-AED, ECG, Pacing and Recorder

HeartStart FR2 Philips -AED Defibrillator

Philips Agilent XLT-AED Defibrillator

Medtronic CR Plus-AED Defibrillator

HeartStart FR1 Philips -AED Defibrillator

HeartStart FRx Philips -AED Defibrillator

HeartStart Onsite Philips -AED Defibrillator

Zoll AED Pro-AED Defibrillator

Welch Allyn AED20-AED Defibrillator

Cardiac Science PowerHeart AED G3-AED Defibrillator


Ambulatory Pumps

Baxter APII-

Baxter IPump Pain Management System-

Abbott APM II PCA Ambulatory Pump-Ambulatory Pump

Abbott PMP Ambulatory Pump-

Curlin 4000 Plus-Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Curlin 4000 CMS-Ambulatory Infusion Pump


Anesthesia Machines

GE Aestiva/5-Tek 5 Vaps 7900 Vent

Datex Ohmeda Excel 210 SE-Anesthesia machine

Datex Ohmeda Excel 210-Tek 5 Vaporizers,7800 Electronic Ventilator

Datex Ohmeda Excel MRI-Compatible-Anesthesia machine

Datex Ohmeda Excel 210-7000 Electronic Ventilator

Datex Ohmeda Excel 110-Anesthesia machine. Tek 4 Vaporizers, 7800 Vent

Datex Ohmeda Excel 110-Tek 4 Vaporizers, 7000 Electronic Ventilator

Datex Ohmeda Modulus 2 Plus-Tek 4 Vaps, Vol, O2, 7810 Electronic Vent

Ohmeda Mod 2-Tek 4 Vaps, Vol, O2, 7000 Vent

Ohmeda Modulus CD and CD/CV-Anesthesia machine.

Ohmeda 8000-Anesthesia machine. Complete with Tec 4 Vaps, 7000 Electronic Vent

Drager Narkomed GS-Anesthesia machine. Choice of 19.1 Vaps, Electronic Vent

Drager Narkomed 4-Anesthesia machine. 19.1 Vaps, AVE vent, NIBP,SpO2 ,CO2 built in monitor

Drager Narkomed 2C-19.1 Vaps, AV2 Vent

Drager Narkomed 2B-Three 19.1 Vaps, AVE Electronic Ventilator

Drager Narkomed 2A-K-Package, 3-Vaps AVE Vent-loaded

Drager Narkomed 2A-Basic 2A, 2-vaps, AVE Vent

Drager Fabius GS-Anesthesia machine

Datex Ohmeda Mod SE-Tek 5 Vaporizers. 7800 Electronic Ventilator

Draeger Fabius OS-Anesthesia Machine


Anesthesia Vaporizers

DRAGER 19.1-





Anesthesia Ventilators

Ohmeda 7800-Electronic Ventilator

Ohmeda 7000-Ventilator

Ohmeda Pedi Vent assembly-Complete assembly with bellows


Antepartum Fetal Monitors

GE Corometrics 170 Series-Toco and ultrasound transducers

GE Corometrics 150-Complete with Toco and ultrasound transducers

GE Corometrics 145-Fetal Monitor Complete with Toco and ultrasound Transducers

HP 8041A-Portable Fetal Monitor with Toco and ultrasound transducers

GE Corometrics 155-Fetal monitor complete with Toco and ultrasound transducers

Philips HP 50A-Ideal for clinics and private doctors office



Linvatec/Concept Arthroscope 2.7mm-Comes in 0° , 30° , 70°

Linvatec/Concept Arthroscope 3.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°

Linvatec/Concept Arthroscope 4.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°, 120°


Arthroscopes: Dyonics

Dyonics Arthroscope 2.7mm-Comes in 0° , 30° , 70°

Dyonics Arthroscope 3.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°

Dyonics Arthroscope 4.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°, 120°


Arthroscopes: Olympus

Olympus Arthroscope 2.7mm-Comes in 0° , 30° , 70°

Olympus Arthroscope 3.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°

Olympus Arthroscope 4.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°, 120°


Arthroscopes: Storz

Storz Arthroscope 2.7mm-Comes in 0° , 30° , 70°

Storz Arthroscope 3.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°

Storz Arthroscope 4.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°, 120°


Arthroscopes: Stryker

Stryker Arthroscope 2.7mm-Comes in 0° , 30° , 70°

Stryker Arthroscope 3.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°

Stryker Arthroscope 4.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°, 120°


Arthroscopes: Wolf

Wolf Arthroscope 2.7mm-Comes in 0° , 30° , 70°

Wolf Arthroscope 3.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°

Wolf Arthroscope 4.0 mm-Comes in 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°, 120°


Arthroscopic Shavers

Dyonics 4350 Intellijet Pump-Arthroscopic pump.

Dyonics PS-3500 EP-5000 RPM complete with footswtich and standard motor handpiece
Options: small motor hand piece

Linvatec Universal Drive System-Includes Footswitch and hand piece

Stryker Quadracat-5000 RPMs complete with footswitch and STD motor

Stryker SE-5-6000 RPMs complete with footswitch and STD motor

Stryker SE-4-5000 RPMs complete with footswitch and STD motor


Autoclaves / Sterilizers

Amsco Eagle 3011/3013-16 X 16 X 26

Amsco Eagle 2021/2023-20 X 20 X 38

Amsco Eagle 2011/2013-16 X 16 X 26 with printcon

Steris Amsco Eagle 10-Tabletop Digital Autoclave 10 x 18

Pelton Magnaclave-Floor Autoclave with Steam Generator

Tuttnauer 2530-Tabletop Digital Autoclave 9x18

Steris System 1-Endoscope Sterile Processor

Tuttnauer 2540EA Autoclave-Autoclave

Steris Amsco Century V120-Sterilizer



Stockert Shiley Stat 1-Autotransfusion System

Haemonetics Cell Saver 5-Autotransfusion System



Hill-Rom 850-Bed

Hill-Rom ZoneAire Sleep Surface System-Sleep Surface System

Hill-Rom 894-ICU bed with scale

Stryker 2020-Bed

Hill-Rom Century+ Bed-The ideal solution to the flexibility required by today’s health care providers.



Respironics Bipap Vision-

Respironics STD-

Respironics STD-30-


Blanket Warmers

Amsco M70WCE Dual Chamber Warmer Cabinet- Dual Chamber Warmer Cabinet

Blickman 1925-98A-Table Top blanket warmer

Amsco M70WCE -Table top or Undermount Blanket warmer

DWC 24 & DWC 24G-Warming cabinets

SWC 24 & SWC 24G-Blanket warmer

SWC 36 & SWC 36G-Blanket warmer

SWC 1824 -Blanket warmer



Philips BV-25-Dual Monitors digital 25

Siemens Siremobil 4U-Dual Monitors digital 25

GE OEC 9600-Dual monitors, 200 image storage

GE OEC 9400-Dual monitors. Tri-mode ,60 image storage

GE OEC 9000-Dual monitors.

GE Stenoscop C-arm-C-arm

Siemens Siremobil Compact-

Philips BV-29-

GE OEC 9800-C-arm

GE Stenoscop II-C-arm

Philips BV Pulsera-Mobile C-arm

Philips BV 300-C-arm


C-Arms/Pain Tables

Morgan Scatter-Ban-C-arm/pain table

Biodex C-Arm Tables-C-arm/pain table

Morgan MEDesign Positioner Pro Table-C-arm/pain table

Morgan MEDesign M-Series -C-arm/pain table

Morgan MEDesign Budget FriendlyTable-C-arm/pain table

Oakworks CFPM100 C-Arm Table-C-arm table

Morgan Positioner-Pro FLTLT-FW/EXLT-FW C-Arm Table-C-arm table

Biodex Urology Tables-C-arm/pain table

Oakworks 400 C-Arm Table-C-arm table

Oakworks Carbon Fiber C-arm Table-C-arm/pain table


Capture Devices

MediCap USB 200-Capture Device

MedicCap USB 100 -Capture Device

MediCap USB 150-Capture Device


Cath / Angio

Philips Integris V3000 Biplane-

Philips Integris V3000 Single Plane-

Philips Integris Allura-

ADC Digital Cath Lab-


Cath Lab

Philips Integris V3000 Biplane-

Philips Integris V3000 Single Plane-


Cine (film) projectors

Vanguard XR-35-Cine Projector

Tagarno-Tajarno 35CX Projector


CO2 and Agent Monitors

Datascope 4000 Plus-SpO2, CO2, O2 and 5 agent monitor with trends

Datascope Passport 2/GM2-ECG, NIBP, SpO2,Temperature, Recorder with CO2 and 5 agent ID

Datex Ohmeda Ultima-C02 and 5-agent with ID

Drager Vitalert 3200-NIBP, C02, SpO2 and 5 agent

Philips HP M1025-C02, SpO2, 5-Agent, waveform,trending

Nellcor/Mallinckrodt N-6000-CO2/SpO2 with Waveform

Datex Ohmeda RGM 5250-Choose from options: C02/SpO2 and agent or C02 and 5-agent with ID

Philips HP M1026 AGM-CO2 monitor

Criticare Poet IQ-CO2 and 5 agent monitor


Coagulation Analyzers

Hemochron 801-Dual Well Analyzer

Hemochron 401-Single Well Analyzer

Hemochron 8000-

Hemochron Response-Coagulation monitor



Storz Rigid Cystoscopes-27015A Hopkins , 0°, 30°, or 70°

Storz 11274 AC-Flexible cystoscope 7.5 Fr

Olympus CYF-3-

Olympus CYF-2-Flexible 5.3 mm, 2.2 mm channel , 38 cm working length

Olympus Rigid Cystoscopes A2012-30° or 70°


ACMI Rigid Scopes M3-12°, 30°, or 70°



HP 43100/43110-Defibrillator with ECG & Recorder

HP 78660A / 78670-Defibrillator with ECG & Recorder

Philips HP Codemaster 100-Defibrillator with pacing, SpO2. Options : 12 lead , advisory

Philips HP CodeMaster XL-Defibrillator with ECG and Recorder

Philips HP CodeMaster XL+-Defibrillator, Monitor, Recorder, Pacer

Nihon Kohden 8251A-Defibrillator,ECG, Recorder and Pacer

Nihon Kohden 7200-Defibrillator with ECG & Recorder

Lifepak 12 Medtronic-Lifepak 12 Defibrillator, Monitor, Pacer, SpO2, 12 lead, AED

Physio Lifepak 11-12 lead monitor,Defibrillator and Recorder

Physio Lifepak 10-Defibrillator, Portable ECG, & Recorder

Physio Lifepak 10C-Defibrillator., Portable ECG, Recorder,Pacing, Quick Combo

Physio Lifepak 10P-Defibrillator , Portable ECG, Recorder,Pacing

Physio Lifepak 9-Defibrillator with ECG & Recorder

Physio Lifepak 9P-Defibrillator with ECG, Pacing, & Recorder

Medtronic Physio-Control Lifepak 8 and Lifepak 8P-Defibrillator with ECG & Recorder

Physio Lifepak 7-Defibrillator with ECG & Recorder

Physio Lifepak 5-Portable Defibrillator with ECG & Recorder

Philips Agilent M4735a-Defibrillator/monitor

Zoll M-Series-Defibrillator

Zoll PD1400-Portable Defibrillator with Pacing

Zoll PD1200-Defibrillator with pacing/ECG/Recorder

Zoll PD 2000-AED Defibrillator with ECG, Pacing and Recorder

Welch Allyn MRL PIC 50-

Zoll PD 1600P-Semi-Auto Defibrillator with ECG & Pacer & Recorder

Lifepak 20 Medtronic-defibrillator/ monitor

Zoll CCT M-Series-Defibrillator

Heartstart MRx Philips -HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator

HeartStart XLT Philips -Lightweight defibrillator/monitor


Dry Imagers

Kodak Dryview 8900-Dry Imager

Kodak Dryview 8700 -Dry Imager


ECG & Multiparameter Monitors

GE Dash 3000 -

Criticare Poet Plus 8100-

GE Dash 2000-The DASH 2000 Patient Monitor offers unprecedented portable value

GE Eagle 4000-

GE Marquette Eagle 3000-

Critikon 8720-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, monitor

Critikon Pro 100-400-NIBP, SpO2, Temperature and Recorder

Datascope 3000-ECG, NIBP, temperature, BP and recorder

Datascope Accutorr 4-SpO2 and NIBP Monitor

Datascope Passport EL-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, BP, recorder

Datascope Passport 5L-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, recorder

Datascope Passport 2-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, recorder, color system

Datascope Passport 2 / GM2-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, recorder with CO2 and 5 agent ID

Datascope Passport XG-Multiparameter monitor

Datex AS-3-ECG, NIBP, SpO2 , temperature, BP, Recorder

Datex AS-3 Compact-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, Color

Datex Cardiocap II-ECG, SpO2, BP, temperature, NIBP, Rec

Drager Vitalert 3200-NIBP, SpO2 ,CO2, and 5 agent monitor

Hewlett Packard 78352/78354-Options: ECG, NIBP, SpO2, BP, CO2, temperature and Recorder

Philips HP Merlin-ECG, NIBP, SpO2 ,BP, temperature

Philips Viridia CMS M1176A-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, BP, temperature, color

MDE Escort-Mutiparameter monitor

InvivoMDE Escort Prism -ECG, NIBP,SpO2, temperature, color 11" monitor

Welch Allyn Propaq 102EL & 106EL-ECG, NIBP, IBP, temperature,SpO2

Propaq Encore (206EL)-ECG, NIBP, SpO2, temperature,recorder

Spacelabs Ultraview 1050 (90369)-1050 UCW EKG, NIBP, SpO2, Bp, temperature, recorder, color

GE DINAMAP ProCare 100-NIBP, SpO2, temperature, recorder

GE DINAMAP ProCare 300-NIBP, SpO2, recorder

GE Solar 9500-

Drager Infinity Delta XL-

Drager Infinity Delta XL-

Drager Infinity Delta XL-

Drager Infinity Delta XL-

GE Solar 8000-High performance monitor

Criticare nGenuity-Monitor

Criticare nGenuity with CO2 Monitors-Co2 Monitor

Criticare nCompass Monitor-Monitor

Mindray PM-9000Express-Patient Monitor

Mindray PM-8000Express-Patient Monitor

Mindray VS-800 -Vital Sign Monitor

GE Dash 4000-ECG, NIBP, SpO2 and temperature

GE Dash 5000-Multiparameter monitor

Invivo Magnitude MRI-Vital Signs Monitor

Philips C3-The Philips C3 is a non-invasive patient monitor with all the essentials for use in adult and pediatric applications

Datascope Spectrum OR-Monitor

Critikon Dinamap Plus Monitor-

Spacelabs 90385 UCW-Color, Touchscreen UCW, ECG, NIBP, SpO2, IBP, temperature

Spacelabs Ultraview 1030-Multiparameter monitor

Spacelabs 90309 Scout-Multiparameter monitor

Spacelabs 90308-Multiparameter monitor

Spacelabs 90305-Multiparameter monitor

Datex Ohmeda Cardiocap 5-Compact all-in-one monitor

Drager Infinity Gamma XL-Multiparameter monitor

Drager Siemens SC 9000XL-Multiparameter monitor

Drager Siemens SC 6002 XL-Multiparameter monitor

Datex Ohmeda Compact S/5 iMM-

Datascope Accutorr Plus-

GE Critikon MPS-

GE Solar 8000M-

Critikon 9720-

Philips Intellivue MP50-

Philips Intellivue MP30-

Philips HP Omnicare M1204/M1205-Multiparameter monitor

GE Marquette Tramscope 12C-

InvivoMDE Prism SE-ECG, NIBP, temperature and Masimo SET or Nellcor SpO2, color monitor

Philips HP Viridia 24/26 -Color transport monitor

HP M1275A Transport -ECG, NIBP, Spo2 transport monitor

Philips Agilent Viridia M3-Bedside transport monitor

Philips Viridia CMS M1177A-Flatscreen Color Display, ECG, NIBP, SpO2, BP, Temperature

Datex Ohmeda S/5 Compact-Compact Critical Care Monitor

Medrad 9500 Monitor-Monitor with ECG, NIBP, SPO2 and optional CO2

Philips Hewlett Packard M1097A-Optional 15” flat screen display for Viridia Component Monitoring System

Drager Infinity Kappa XLT-

Spacelabs Ultraview 1700-Multiparameter monitor


EEG Machines

Grass 8-10-10 Channel EEG machine

Grass 8-18-EEG machines with options: 16, 18, 20 Channels

Nihon Kohden 5210-10 Channel EEG Unit with Photic Stimulator

Nihon Kohden 5410-10 Channel EEG Unit with Photic Stimulator

Nihon Kohden 4400-18 or 16 Channel EEG with Photic Stimulator

Grass 8-16-EEG Unit

Nihon Kohden 7310-10 Channel EEG machine


EKG Interpretive and Non Interpretive

Marquette Mac 15-Interpretive EKG

Marquette Mac VU-Interpretive EKG with Screen and Cart

GE Marquette Mac 1200-

Marquette Mac PC-Portable Interpretive EKG

Marquette Mac 8-Interpretive EKG with Cart and Screen

Marquette Mac 6-Interpretive EKG with cart

Burdick EK10-12 lead single channel EKG

Burdick Elite/Elite 2-single channel interpetive ekg

Philips HP M1700 XLi-Options: XLi Interpretive ECG with screen or XLi Interpretive ECG without external

Philips HP Pagewriter 200-EKG with Screen

Nihon Kohden Cardiofax-3-channel full format with screen

Schiller AT-10-

Philips Pagewriter Touch-12 Lead ECG

Burdick Atria-EKG Unit

Philips HP M1770A-EKG Unit

GE Marquette Mac 5500-EKG Unit

GE Marquette Mac 500-EKG Unit

GE Marquette Mac 5000-ECG Unit


Electrosurgical Units

Birtcher 6400 ESU System-Electrosurgical system

Conmed Bard 5000 Power Plus-Bard power plus ESU with 300w and footswitch

Conmed Birtcher 4400-ESU with Footswitch

Conmed Sabre 2400-High power ESU with footswitch

Conmed Aspen 450-High power ESU with Cart and footswitch

Conmed Aspen MF380-High power ESU with Cart and footswitch

Conmed Aspen Excalibur-High Power Digital ESU

Olympus PSD-10-ESU with specific endoscopic features

ValleyLab Force 40-Digital ESU

Valleylab Force 4B-High Power Digital ESU

ValleyLab Force 2-High Power Digital ESU

Valleylab Force 1C-

Valleylab Force 1B-Digital ESU

Valleylab Force EZ-Digital ESU

Valleylab Force FXc-Digital ESU

ValleyLab SSE-2L-ESU

ValleyLab Surgistat-ESU

ERBE 350-electrosurgical unit

Bovie Aaron 3250-Electrosurgical unit

Bovie Aaron 950 -Electrosurgical unit

Bovie Aaron 2250-Electrosurgical unit

Bovie Aaron 1250-Electrosurgical unit

Conmed Sabre 180-Electrosurgical Unit

Valleylab Optimumm Smoke Evacuator-smoke evacuator

Valley Lab Force FX-Digital ESU

Codman Malis CMC III -ESU

Codman Mails CMC II-ESU

Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing System-Electrosurgical tool that gives you permanent vessel occlusion.

Valleylab ForceTriad-Electrosurgical unit

Conmed Excalibur Plus PC -The ExcaliburPlus PC® is the most powerful Isolated ESU on the market.


EMG Machines

Cadwell 5200A-Dual EMG Channel with Evoked Potential & Record

Cadwell Quantum-Dual EMG Channel with Evoked Potential & Record

Teca TD5-EMG Unit

Teca TD10-Single Channel EMG with Recorder

Teca TD20-Dual EMG Channel and Recorder

Teca Saphire 2ME-2-Channel EMG with Printer

Teca Saphire 4ME-4-channel EMG/NCS

Nicolet Spirit-Auditory, somasensory, EMG,SEP

Nihon Kohden Neuropak 4 Mini-Neuro 4 mini- EMG/EP Unit

Nihon Kohden Neuropak 8-5- Channel EP/ Somasensory Complete System

Nihon Kohden Neuropak 8-4-channel EMG with EP/Somasensory & Printer

Teca Saphire Premiere-EMG Unit

Nihon Kohden Neuropak 4-

Nicolet Viking 2e-EMG unit

Teca Synergy-EMG Unit


ENT Microscopes

Zeiss OPMI 1-FC on S2 Floor Stand-ENT Microscopes

Zeiss OPMI Microscope on Tripod Stand-ENT Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 6 on 1880 Stand-ENT Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 11 on 1880 Stand-ENT Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 1-FC on S21 Stand-ENT Microscope


Feeding Pumps

Abbott Ross Flexiflo Patrol Enteral Pump-Enteral Pump



Olympus BF-10/BF-20/BF-30-

Olympus BF-P10/BF-P20/BF-P30/BF-P40-

Olympus BF-1T/BF-1T10 /BF-1T20/BF-1T30-

Olympus BF-N20-

Olympus BF-3C30-


Fiberscopes: Colonoscopes

Olympus CF-10L /CF-20L/ CF-30L-

Olympus CF-P10L / CF-P20L-

Olympus CF-1T10L/CF-1T20L-

Olympus CF-LB3R-

Olympus PCF-20-


Fiberscopes: Duodenoscopes

Olympus JF-IT10/JF-1T20/JF-1T30-

Olympus TJF10/TJF20/TJF30-

Olympus JF-20-


Fiberscopes: Gastroscopes

Olympus GIF-Q10/Q20/Q30/Q40-

Olympus GIF-XQ10/XQ20/XQ30/XQ40-

Olympus GIF-PQ20-

Olympus GIF-P10/P20/P30-

Olympus GIF-XP10/XP20/XP30-

Olympus GIF-1T10/1T20/1T30-

Olympus GIF-2T10/GIF-2T20-

Olympus GIF-N-30-


Fiberscopes: Sigmoidoscopes

Olympus OSF-2/OSF-3-

Olympus CF-P10S/CF-P20S-


Hard wire Systems

Merlin/Veridia System-ECG, BP, SpO2 , NIBP, CO2, Rec
H/P 2350 , 8-bed ,monocrome
H/P 2360 , 8-bed color
Note: The above system is fully modular and can be configured to meet your needs now and well into the future

GE Marquette Tramscope 12 System-GE Tramscope 12 color monitoring system with EKG, resp, NIBP, SpO2 , 2 IBP,temp
Central monitoring system with recorder,central scope 12C
Options: 4-8 Bed Systems ,color or monochrome.

GE Marquette Solar 8000 System-Ge Marquette Solar 8000 System

GE Marquette Eagle 4000 System-GE Marquette Eagle 4000 System


Harmonic Scalpels

Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel G110-Harmonic Scalpel

Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel 300-Harmonic Scalpel


Heart-lung Machines

Terumo Sarns 9000-Complete 4 Pump Open Heart System

Terumo Sarns 8000-Complete 4 Pump Open Heart System

Terumo Sarns 7000-Complete 4 Pump Open Heart System

Terumo Sarns 7400-Complete 5 Pump Open Heart System w/ Pulsatile

Cobe System-Complete 4 Pump Open Heart System

Stockert-Shiley System-Complete 4 Pump Open Heart System

Sorin Stocket Shiley SIII -Heart Lung Machine

Maquet Jostra HL20 -Perfusion System

Cobe Century-Heart Lung Machine



Sarns TCM/TCM II -Digital Heater/cooler

Sarns Dual Heater/Cooler-Model 11160

CSZ Hematherm-Digital Heater/cooler

CSZ Hemotherm 400/400M/400MR-Heater/cooler

CSZ Blanketrol II Hyper-Hypothermia System-Reliable and Effective Patient Warming and/or Cooling



Air Shields C-550QT XL-Incubator

Air Shields C-450QT-Incubator

Air Shields C-100QT-Incubator

Air Shields C-100-Incubator

Air Shields C-300-Incubator

GE Ohio IC-Incubator

Ohmeda Care Plus-Incubator

Air Shields TI-100-Transport Incubator

GE Ohio AirVac-Transport Incubator

GE Ohmeda Care Plus 4000-Incubator

Air Shields TI-500-Incubator

GE Airborne 185A Transport-Incubator

GE Ohmeda Care Plus 2000-Incubator


Infant Warmers

Air Shields IICS90-Infant Warmer without bassinette

Air Shields BRW-Warmer Pm-78 with Oak/Mohagany bassinette

GE Ohio 4400 IWS-Infant Warmer

GE Ohio 3300-Infant Warmer-Digital

GE Ohio 3000-Infant Warmer

GE Ohmeda 3500-Infant warmer

Drager Babytherm 8010 / 8004-Infant warmer

Air Shields PM78-Infant warmer

Air Shields Resuscitaire-Infant warmer

GE Ohio 3150 IWS-Infant Warmer



Olympus UHI-2-

Storz 26430520 -20 liter high flow LED display, bar graph, pressure range 0-30mm Hg

Storz 26012CH-20 liter , high flow LED display , analog bar graph , pressure range 0-30 mm Hg

Storz 26012-10 Liter high flow , LED display , analog bar graph pressure range 0-30 mm Hg

Stryker 620-030-501-High flow insufflator

Olympus 16 L-

Stryker 40L-

Stryker 30L-

Stryker 20L-

Stryker 16L-


Intra-aortic Balloon Pumps

Datascope 97-Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Arrow Kontron Kaat 2-Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump. Color System

Datascope 97E-Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Datascope 98-Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Arrow ACAT 2 Wave Intra Aortic Balloon Pump-Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Arrow ACAT 1 Plus Intra Aortic Balloon Pump-Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Datascope 98XT-Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump


Intrapartum Fetal Monitors

GE Corometrics 129-ECG, NIBP,SpO2 Twin fetal monitor with Toco & U/S

Corometrics 118-NIBP,SpO2 with toco and U/S transducer

Corometrics 116-Toco & Ultrasound Transducer, &ECG

Corometrics 115-Toco & Ultrasound Transducer

Philips HP M1350A-Fetal monitor does twins with toco & ultrasound transducer

Philips HP 8040A-Fetal Monitors with All Transducers

GE Corometrics 128-

Philips 50 XM (HP 1350B)-Monitor with NIBP and Sp02

GE Corometrics 259 -Fetal Monitor


IV Pumps

Baxter 6200-Volumetric I.V. Pump

Baxter 6301-Dual Volumetric I.V. Pump

Baxter 6201-Volumetric I.V. Pump

Alaris MedSystem III-Med system 3 Multi channel infusion pump

Alaris PC-1-Gemini PC-1 Pump

Alaris Imed PC-2-I.V Pump

Abbott Lifecare 5000-Multilane, general purpose volumetric infusion system

Abbott Plum XL3-

Baxter Colleague 3-Infusion Pump

Alaris Imed PC-2TX-Infusion pump

Abbott ANNE Infusion Pump-

Abbott Lifecare 4100 PCA Pump-

Alaris Imed PC-4-Four channel volumetric infusion pump.

Abbott Plum XL-Infusion pump

Baxter Colleague-Infusion Pump

Abbott 4100 PCA+2-I.V Pump

Baxter Colleague 3 CX-Infusion Pump

Baxter Colleague CX-Infusion Pump

McGaw Horizon NXT-Infusion Pump

Abbott Plum XLD-Infusion Pump

Alaris Signature 7230-Infusion Pump

Alaris Signature 7130-Infusion Pump

Abbott Plum A+-Infusion Pump



Linvatec 7570R-10 mm, 0° ,autoclavable


Wolf Panoview-


Olympus A5254-10 mm, 0°


Light Sources

Circon MV-9086-300 Watt Xenon

CUDA Universal-150 Watt Light Source with Universal adapter

Dyonics Autobrite II-250 Watt Rigid Scope Light Source

Fujinon FLX-300A-300 Watt Xenon Digital Light Source

Stryker X6000-300 Watt Xenon Bulb

Fujinon FIL-150-150 Watt Light Source

Olympus CLV-U40-Ligh Source

Olympus CLV-S20-300 Watt Xenon

Olympus CLV-10-300 Watt Xenon Light Source

Olympus CLK-4-150 Watt Halogen Light Source

Olympus CLK-3-150 Watt Halogen Light Source

Olympus CLV-A-300 Watt Xenon rigid

Olympus XLS-175 Watt Xenon rigid

Pentax LH-150P-150 Watt Halogen Light Source

Storz 20133020-300 Watt xenon , standby, intensity level control

Storz 20132020-175 Xenon, standby , intensity level control

Storz 615-175 Watt Xenon Light Source

Stryker Q5000-250 Watt metal halide

Stryker Q4000-250 Watt metal Halide

Stryker Quantum 3000-250 Watt metal Halide Source

Storz 20133120-

Dyonics 300XL-

Storz 20132021-

Olympus CLV-160-

Olympus CLV-U20-

Luxtec 9300 -Xenon Light Source

Luxtec 9175-Xenon Light Source

Dyonics Illuminator II-

Stryker X7000-

Olympus CLV-S40-



GE Senographe DMR-Mammography System

Siemens Mammomat 3000-


Mini C-Arms

GE Lunar Orca-Mini C-Arm

Fluoroscan II -Mini C-Arm

FluoroScan Model III 50300 Mini C-arm-Mini C-arm

Fluoroscan Office Mate -Mini C-arm

Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore-Mini C-Arm

GE OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm-Mini C-arm

Xitec Xi Scan 1000-Mini C-Arm



Sony PVM-2030-20" monitor

Sony PVM-1953-19" monitor

Sony PVM-1943-19" monitor

Sony PVM-1343MD-13" monitor

Olympus OEV-202-19" monitor

Olympus OEV-141-13" monitor


N.I.C.U monitors

Corometrics 505 & 506-ECG, BP, AC/DC Monitor

Corometrics 556-ECG/Resp/NIBP,SpO2- modular



Valleylab CUSA 200 System-Ultrasonic surgical system

Midas REX-Pneumatic, Neurological Spinal/Cranial Drill

Anspach Black Max-high speed pneumatic drill

Radionics CUSA EXcel -Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator


Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitors

Critikon XL-NIBP Monitor with cuff

Colin 8800-NIBP Monitor with or without recorder

Critikon 8100T-NIBP Monitor with cuff

Critikon 8100-NIBP Monitor with cuff

Critikon 1846 / 1846sx-NIBP Monitor with cuff

GE Dinamap Pro 100 and GE Dinamap Pro 400-NIBP Monitor with Recorder

GE DINAMAP ProCare 120-

GE Dinamap Pro 300-

GE DINAMAP ProCare 220-

Invivo 4500 MRI Monitor-

InvivoMDE Omega 1400 MRI-

GE Dinamap CARESCAPE V100 -Vital Signs Monitor


Ophthalmology Microscopes

Zeiss OPMI MDU on S4 Stand-Ophthalmology Microscopes

Zeiss OPMI 6S-FC on S3 Stand-Ophthalmology Microscope

Zeiss OPMI MDU on S5 Stand-Ophthalmology Microscopes

Zeiss OPMI 6S on 1880 Stand-Ophthalmology Microscopes

Leica Wild M690 on MSC Stand-Ophthalmology Microscopes


Oxygen Monitors

Ohmeda 5100-

Ohmeda 5120-


Plastic and Hand Microscopes

Zeiss OPMI 6 on S3 Stand-Plastic and Hand Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 6 on 1880 Stand-Plastic and Hand Microscopes

Zeiss OPMI 1 on Smaller Tripod Stand-Plastic and Hand Microscope

Leica M651-Plastic and Hand Microscopes


Portable Ventilators

Bear 33-Transportable Ventilator

Lifecare PLV-102-Transportable Ventilator

Puritan Bennett LP10 -Portable ventilator

Puritan Bennett LP20 -Portable Ventilator

Puritan Bennett Achieva & Achieva PS-Portable, lightweight and compact ventilator

Allied OmniVent - MRI compatible-Portable ventilator

Impact Univent 750-Portable ventilator

Impact Univent 754-Portable ventilator


Portable X-Ray

GE AMX II-Portable X-Ray

GE AMX III-Portable X-Ray

GE AMX IV-Portable X-Ray

Philips PMX-Portable X-Ray

Siemens Mobilett II-Portable X-Ray

GE AMX IV Plus-Portable X-Ray



Sony UP 5600-Color printer

Sony UP 5200-Color printer

Sony UP 5000-Color printer

Sony UP 3000-Color printer

Sony UP 2100-Color printer

Sony UP 910-

Sony UP 890 MD-

Mitsubishi P70-

Mitsubishi P60-

Mitsubishi P50-

Mitsubishi Medical Analog Printer-

Sony UP 895 MD-

Sony UP 980-

Olympus OEP-

Sony UP-51MD-printer


Pulse Oximeters

Invivo 4500+-Pulse Oximeter with Built in Printer and Trending

Nellcor N-395-Pulse oximeter

Nellcor N-290-Pulse oximeter

Nellcor N-200-Pulse Oximeter

Nellcor N-190-Pulse oximeter

Nellcor N-180-Pulse Oximeter

Nellcor N-20 / N20P-Handheld Pulse oximeter

Ohmeda 3740-Pulse Oximeter

Ohmeda 3700-Pulse Oximeter

Invivo 4500 MRI -Pulse Oximeter

Nellcor N-3000-Pulse oximeter

Novametrix Oxypleth 520A -Pulse Oximeter

Masimo Radical-Pulse Oximeter

Nellcor NPB-40-

Nellcor N-595-Combines Nellcor's best-in-class pulse oximetry with the versatile OxiMax monitoring platform

Ohmeda 3900-Pulse oximeter

Ohmeda 3800-Pulse oximeter

Datex-Ohmeda TuffSat-Ideal oximetry solution for spot checks for hospital, home care, transport and EMS

Mindray PM-50 -Pulse Oximeter

Respironics Novametrix Cosmo -Pulse Oximeter and CO2 Monitor


Scrub Sinks

Scrub Sink Model SS32-Scrub Sink

Scrub Sink Model SS32-IR-Scrub Sink

Scrub Sink Model SS64-Scrub Sink

Scrub Sink Model SS64-IR-Scrub Sink


Sequential Compression Devices(SCD)

Kendall 7325 Response SCD-SCD

Kendall Sequal 6325 SCD-SCD

Kendall 6060 AV Impulse SCD-SCD


Stress test Systems

Q-4500 Quinton-Q4500 controller with Q55 Treadmill

Q4000 Quinton-Q4000 Controller with Q55 Treadmill

Quinton Q710-Q710 with Q55 Treadmill

GE Marquette Case-12sl interpetive Stress test with Treadmill

GE Marquette Case 16-12 sl stress test with treadmill

GE Marquette Case 12-Interpretive Stress Test with Treadmill

GE Marquette Case 15-Interpretive Stress Test with Treadmill

GE Marquette MAX 1-Interpetive Stress Test with Treadmill

Burdick Extol 350 system-Complete Stress Test with treadmill

Burdick Quest Stress Test System-Stress Test System

GE Marquette Case 8000-Stress test with T2000 Treadmill

GE Marquette MAX Personal-Stress test system



Stryker 1060 -Stretcher

Stryker 721 Stretcher-Stretcher

Pedigo Midmark 550 -Stretcher

Pedigo Midmark 540 -Stretcher

Stryker 1010-Stretcher

Stryker 1710 -Stretcher

Steris Hausted Horizon-Stretcher

Hausted Unicare III 800 Series Stretchers-Stretcher

Hill-Rom Transtar -Stretcher

Stryker 720 Stretcher-Stretcher


Suction Pumps

Gomco 6000-Thermotic Drainage Pump

Gomco 3810-Continuous, Adjustable, Heavy Suction Pump

Gomco 3040-1/8 Horsepower General Suction Pump

Gomco 3020-1/8 Horsepower General Suction Pump

Gomco 400-Portable Suction Pump

Gomco 300-suction pump

Gomco 6030-Suction Pump

Gomco 4005 -Portable Suction

Gomco 480-Suction Pump


Surgical Booms

Nuvo Navigator Surgical Booms-Surgical Booms


Surgical Lights

Amsco Quantum/SQ240-Center Mount Dual surgical Lights

Amsco Polaris-Dual Surgical Lights center mount

Amsco Gemini-Surgical Light

Amsco Polaris-Single Surgical Light Center Mount

Amsco Examiner 10-Surgical Lights

Heraeus London Hanaulux-Center Mount Single surgical light

MDT Castle Minor Surgical Light-Minor surgical light

Berchtold Chromophare D650 Surgical Light-Surgical Light

Getinge ALM Prism Alix PRX-Surgical light

Steris SQ240-Center Mount Dual Lights

Steris SQ140-Surgical Light

Getinge ALM Prismatic PRC 5501-Dual surgical lights

Getinge ALM Prismatic PRC 7501-Dual surgical lights

Getinge ALM 751 Dual-Dual surgical lights

Nuvo Single Light Head-Surgical Light

Nuvo Double Light Head-Surgical Light

Nuvo Triple Light Head -Surgical Light

Nuvo Single Light Monitor Ready-Surgical Light

Nuvo Double Light Monitor Ready -Surgical Light

Berchtold Chromophare D530-Surgical Light


Surgical Microscopes

Weck OMS-12 -options: full power,assistant head and full power, XY/flex arm motorized

Zeiss OPMI-1 -ENT and/or ophtalmic microscope

Zeiss OPMI-6S -Surgical Microscope

Zeiss OPMI-6 -Surgical Microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS-NC-Neurosurgical microscope

Leica M691-Surgical Microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS on NC-2 Stand-Surgical Microscope

Zeiss Neuro on NC Stand-Surgical Microscope

Zeiss OPMI-MD on S3 Stand-Neurosurgical microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS -Surgical Microscope

Zeiss Neuro Scope on NC Stand-Microscope

Leica Wild M690-Surgical Microscope

Zeiss OPMI-6SFC on 1880 Stand-Surgical Microscope

Leica 695 on Zeiss NC1 Floor Stand-Neuro Microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS-NC31 -Microscope

Zeiss OPMI-11 on S21 Stand-Surgical Microscope


Surgical Monitors

Nuvo Surgical Monitor-Surgical Monitor


Surgical Tables

Steris Amsco 3080-Surgical Table with Radiop Top

Steris Amsco 2080 Series-Manual Surgical Table

Steris Amsco 2080L/2080RC-Surgical Table

Steris Amsco Orthographic II-Orthopedic surgical table

Chick CST Surgical Table-Surgical Table

Getinge Maquet 1130-Remote Control Surgical Table

Getinge Castle 5100-Remote control surgical table

Midmark 111-IE/Midmart surgical table with foot control

Getinge Shampaine 4900/4800-Remote control Surgical table

Getinge Shampaine 2605-OBGYN Surgical Table

Getinge Shampaine 1900-Electric Surgical Table with Radiop Top

Shampaine 1500-Electric Surgical Table with Radiop Top

Skytron 6500-Surgical table with remote control and and radiop top

Skytron 6001-Surgical table with remote control and radiop tops.

Getinge Maquet 1480.01B-Surgical Table

Skytron 3100A-Surgical Table

Skytron 5001-Surgical Table

Steris Amsco Orthovision-Orthopedic Surgery Table

Skytron 3500 Surgical Table -Surgical Table

Nuvo Volante V1000T Surgical Table (NEW)-Surgical Table

Nuvo Volante V1000 Surgical Table (NEW)-Surgical Table

Nuvo Volante V750 Surgical Table (NEW)-Surgical Table

Steris Amsco 3085SP-Surgical Table


Syringe Pumps

Baxter PCA II-Syringe Pump

Baxter AS20S -Syringe pump

Baxter AS40-Digital syringe pump

Baxter AS50-Digital syringe pump

Baxter 150XL -Syringe pump

Medfusion 2010i -Syringe Pump

Medfusion 2001 -Syringe Pump

Baxter PCA I -Syringe Pump

Baxter-Bard InfusOR-Syringe Pump

Baxter 300XL -Syringe Pump

Baxter AS20GH-Syringe Pump

Medfusion 3500 -Syringe Pump

Medfusion 3010a -Syringe Pump

Medfusion 2010 -Syringe Pump

Medfusion Protege 3010 -Syringe Pump

B.Braun/McGaw BD 360 -Syringe Pump


Telemetry systems

GE Marquette Apex -

Marquette CD Digital -Marquette CD Digital Telemetry system with a
Central Station Monitor & Recorder

Hewlett-Packard, HP DIGITAL TELEMETRY-HP M1401 Telemetry Controller/ Receiver Box
HP M1400 Transmitters & HP 78560 Central Station
Telemetry Monitoring System with Bulit in Recorders

Philips HP Viridia M2601 -

GE Apex Pro Telemetry-



Zimmer ATS 1000-Zimmer ATS Tourniquet System 1000

Zimmer ATS 1500-Zimmer ATS Tourniquet System 1500

Zimmer ATS 2000-Zimmer ATS Tourniquet System 2000

Zimmer ATS 3000-

Zimmer ATS 750-Zimmer ATS 750



Philips Sonos 7500-Ultrasound

Acoustic Imaging 5200-3.5GP, 5 mHz linear. Probe options: 7.5 vascular probe
5.0 transvaginal probe

Acuson 128 XP/10-Ultrasound

Acuson 128 /128 XP-3.5 Sector 5.0 & 7.5 Linear VCR

Aloka SSD-620-5.0 Convex, Printer

ATL UM9 HDI-Color system with vag 9-5, L10-5, C7-4 and VCR

ATL UM4 Plus-3 MHz , 5 MHz convex and Printer.

GE RT 3200 Advantage-3.5 Convex, VCR & printer

HP Sonos 1000-Color system with 2.25CW 2.5 and 3.5 and VCR

GE RT 3600-Ultrasound

Toshiba SSH-140A CE-2.5Mhz, 3.75 Phased array, colorflow, doppler, VCR

Aloka SSD-625-Ultrasound

GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound-Ultrasound

Acuson Sequoia 512-Ultrasound

GE RT 3200 Adv II-Ultrasound

ATL HDI-5000 Ultrasound-Ultrasound

ATL HDI-3000-Ultrasound

Toshiba SSA-370A Powervision 6000-Ultrasound

Acoustic Imaging Performa-Ultrasound

GE Logiq 9-Ultrasound

GE Logiq 500/500 Pro-Ultrasound

GE Logiq 700MR-Ultrasound

Siemens Prima Ultrasound-Applications: Small parts, abdominal, obstetrical, gynecological, urology

Siemens Elegra-Siemens Ultrasound's premium, all-digital ultrasound system

GE Logiq 200/200 Pro-Ultrasound

GE Logiq 400-Ultrasound

Philips HP Sonos 5500-Ultrasound

GE LOGIQ Book/XP-Portable ultrasound

SonoSite Titan -Portable Ultrasound

Philips HP Sonos 2000-Ultrasound

GE Vivid 5-Ultrasound



Bourns Bear Cub (BP-2001)-BP-2001

Bird 8400ST-Adult Ventilator

Bird 6400ST-Adult Ventilator

Bird Mark 7, 8, & 14-Pressure Ventilator

Infrasonics Adult Star 2000 -Adult Vent with Graphics display and Compressor

Infrasonics Infant Star 500-Vent with star Cart

Infrasonics Infant Star 100-

Infrasonics Infant Star-High Frequency Vent similar to the 950 vent

Newport E-100i-Transportable Ventilator

Newport Breeze E150 Ventilator-Ventilator with Stand

Siemens 900C-Adult/ Infant Ventilator

Siemens Servo 300-Adult/ Infant Ventilator

Sechrist IV 100B-Infant/Pediatric Ventilator with O2 Blender

Puritan Bennett 7200 Series-Adult Ventilator with Built in Compressor & upgrades

Puritan Bennett 7200AE-Adult Ventilator with Built in Compressor

Bear 1000 Ventilator-Critical care ventilator

Bird V.I.P-Infant and pediatric ventilator

Bird TBird VSO2 -Portable Ventilator

Bird TBird AVS3-Ventilator

Newport E200 Wave-Ventilator

Bear Cub 750-Ventilator

Bear Cub 750 vs-Infant Ventilator

Bear Cub 750 PSV-Ventilator

Infrasonics Infant Star 200-Infant ventilator

Maquet Servo i-Ventilator

Puritan Bennett 840-

Infrasonics Infant Star 950-Infant Ventilator


Video Cameras

Dyonics D3-3-chip digital tricam camera system

Dyonics D1-Digital camera , white balance with gain , auto and manual shutter

Concept 8160-Intravision color video camera , full color bars, color tuning , fully soakable head

Dyonics 750-1-chip , 2-function control on head

Dyonics ED3-


Video Cameras: Olympus

Olympus OTV-S5-Zoom lens , build in digital enhanced fiber camera for rigid and fiberoptic scopes.

Olympus OTV-S4-1-chip, 3-lux , video camera for rigid and fiberoptic scopes

Olympus OTV-S2-Video Camera for fiberoptic scopes,video camera for rigid and fiberoptic scopes.

Olympus OTV-SX-3-chip digital camera

Olympus OTV-S6-


Video Cameras: Storz

Storz 20 2101 20 Endovision telecam-High resolution chip , 3-lux 450 L.O.R with autoexposure zoom lens and auto zoom adjustment .
Options: Bean splitter coupler

Storz Telecam SL 20 2121 20-High resolution chip , 3-lux > 450 lines of resolution

Storz Telecam 20 2111 20-High resolution chip with built in digital enhancer, 3-lux 450 L.O.R , autoexposure lens

Storz 9070-3-chip , autoexposure

Storz 9050-1-chip , 7-lux, 450 L.O.R , zoom lens with auto exposure

Storz Laparocam-1-chip camera, 7-lux with 10mm attached laparoscope

Storz Tricam SL 20 2221 20-3-chip 750 lines of resolution ,zoom lens


Video Cameras: Stryker

Stryker 888-3 chip 1.3 Lux/800 LOR

Stryker 882-3 chip 1.5 Lux/800 LOR

Stryker 782-3 chip 1.5 Lux/800 LOR

Stryker 780-3 chip 1.5 Lux/800 LOR

Stryker 592-digital camera with coupler /camera head

Stryker 590SR-Digital camera with coupler and camera head.

Stryker 988 Camera System-3 chip camera


Video Endoscopy Systems

Olympus Evis CV-140 System-

Olympus CV-100 System-CV-100 Processor with Xenon Light Source, High Resolution Monitor & Choice of Sigmoidoscope, Colonoscope or Gastroscope

Olympus Evis CV-200 System-

Pentax EPM 3300 System-Pentax processor with Xenon light source

Pentax EPM 3500 System-

Pentax EPM 3000 System-Pentax processor with Xenon light source.

Fujinon EPX 301 System-Fujinon processor

Fujinon EPX 201 System-

Olympus Evis CV-160 System-Advanced video image processing system



Pentax VB-1830T2-

Olympus GIF-160-

Olympus GIF-Q160-

Pentax FB-10X-


Videoscopes: Colonoscopes

Pentax EC 3830L-

Olympus PCF-130L-

Olympus CF-100TL-

Olympus CF-1T100L-

Olympus CF-100L-

Olympus PCF-140L-

Olympus CF-160L-

Olympus CF-Q160L-


Videoscopes: Dastroscopes

Pentax EG-3400-

Pentax EG-2930/ EG-2901-

Pentax EG-2700-

Olympus GIF-130-

Olympus GIF-100-

Olympus GIF-1T130-

Olympus GIF-1T100-

Pentax VB-1830T2-

Olympus GIF-160-

Olympus GIF-Q160-

Pentax FB-10X-

Olympus GIF-Q140-

Olympus GIF-140-


Videoscopes: Duodenoscopes

Pentax ED-3430T-

Pentax ED-3410-

Olympus JF-130-

Olympus JF-100-

Olympus TJF-100-


Videoscopes: Sigmoidoscopes

Pentax ES-3801-

Olympus CF-100S-

Olympus CF-130S-


Volume Monitors

Ohmeda 5400-Volume Monitor

Ohmeda 5410-Volume Monitor

Ohmeda 5420-Volume Monitor