Total Digital Radiology Integration

Soma Technology, Inc., a leader in the biomedical equipment industry, is proudly distributing the new line of Canon DR imagining equipment featuring products that offer state of the art, affordable, high quality DR Imaging solution.

Advantages of Canon Digital Radiology

Unique technology: Only Canon can offer lightweight, wireless, 1000 speed DR plate and a portable system that is the most powerful in the market today.
Improved Patient Care & Faster Treatment: Image is available to be viewed within 3 seconds of exposure, allowing for quick diagnosis. Further, the physician is able to make measurements and manipulate the image on the portable monitor by adjusting brightness and contrast
Lower X-Ray Dose for Patient & Staff: The faster the speed of the x-ray the lower the radiation dose is for the patient and staff. Canon offers the fastest wireless DR plate at a 1000 speed.
From ER to OR in Less Time: Imaging results in 3 seconds of exposure for fast diagnosis and no need to wait for radiologist reading or hard copy image before operating.
Increased Rounds Efficiency in ICU: Chest x-rays can be performed in less time than when a computerized radiography is used. Image result is available within 3 seconds with Canon equipment versus 45 to 60 seconds with CR.