Women’s History Month: Women Who Have Influenced Us

March 8, 2023
Women’s History Month: Women Who Have Influenced Us


March is Women’s History Month! March highlights all the contributions that women all over the world have made. Not only that, but we also celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th every year. Women’s contributions to history, culture, and society have been tremendous but they have been overlooked for years. Women should be appreciated all year long, however, we take this month to take a step back and look at all the work women have done for the better and our future. This year, Soma Tech Intl. took time to ask women in their office about a woman they look up to. The responses we received touched both our minds and hearts. So, let us tell the stories of the women before us who have shaped our lives forever.

Kristina Moore, Marketing Coordinator:
I am a graphic designer and artist and I went to college and studied fine arts and graphic design together. Some of my biggest women influences are in the art and design fields. A female Graphic Designer that has influenced me the most is Louise Fili. She is known as an influential graphic designer known for her typography and design work. I fell in love with her work in college when I found her book called “Euro Deco, Graphic Design Between the Wars.” It is through my love of the Art Deco period and admiring the elegance of Fill’s work, that I have developed my artistic design style through the years.

Alessandra Wong, Marketing Coordinator:
The woman who has influenced my life the most is my grandmother. She raised me for the first 7 years of my life and she is like a second mother to me. She is the most nurturing person I know and has the kindest heart I’ve ever met. I hope to be half the amazing person she is and I’m grateful because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for her. I look up to her the most and hope to follow in her footsteps as I get older.

Shivani Shah, Biomedical Engineer:
If I want to describe the woman who has influenced my life the most, I have to tell you about both my grandmother and my mother. I have learned how to be strong and independent from both of them, and without them both I would not be who I am today. They have taught me how to stand on my own two feet and how to handle any challenges that come my way.

Elizabeth Sadosky, Service Coordinator:
One particular woman in my life influenced me not just with her life, but also with her death. My creative writing teacher from high school, Megumi Yamamoto encouraged me to find my voice and write from my heart. In 2018 she passed away unexpectedly, and the loss of her made me reflect on all she taught me when I was younger. I became a college student at the age of 36, with 3 teenage children, because I realize that life is fragile, and you are never too old to pursue your dreams.

Caroline Germond, Sales:
My high school English teacher had a positive impact on my life. She encouraged me to look beyond what was just in front of me to see the bigger picture and to see life from all perspectives and to this day I still incorporate that. She was one of the kindest and most understanding people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, which is an inspiration in itself.

Valentina Karagiannis, Sales:
My Godmother was one of the most influential women in my life. She was like a second mom to me and helped raise me. And while she didn’t have children of her own, I was very much like a daughter to her as well. Growing up I thought she was the smartest and coolest person I knew and she always encouraged my love of learning by buying me loads of books about anything and everything. She also inspired my love of history and the arts and would always take me to museums and historical sites. She sadly passed away in 2013 but I am so grateful for the time I had with her and hope I can live up to be as remarkable as she was one day.

Maria Cazco, Sales:
The most influential person in my life was my mother, a determined and hard-working woman, who despite the adversities of life, she knew how to educate her 8 children with love and dedication. I love my mother dearly, and because of her, I am who I am today.

Felicia Lawson, Office Admin:
My mother is my inspiration because she had to endure and overcome challenges raising three girls. When we were young, she had to bring us down south with our grandparents because she was laid off. After 7 years, she was able to get back on her feet and moved back to CT and brought us with her once she was settled. In 1985 she was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had to go through a very hard surgery. Thankfully she is cancer-free today. She even ended up going back to school and even though it was hard, she managed to finish and ended up working for the City of Hartford for 20 years. Just recently she became sick again because of health complications and had to go through another hard surgery. However, thanks to God, she has been triumphant and is relearning to walk and rebuild herself. My mother is a fighter and she has inspired me to overcome obstacles and never stop trying and never give up because anything is possible.

We want to thank all the women at Soma Tech Intl. who helped bring this blog to life and for sharing their stories with us. Celebrate Women’s History Month with us by sharing what woman influenced you the most! We would love to hear your stories.

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