Friday Feeling: You Don’t Need to Go Through Mental Illness Alone

June 8, 2018
Mental Illness Alone

Mental Illness Alone

Friday Feeling

You don’t need to go through mental illness alone. This phrase should resonate with both people who suffer from mental illness, and their support systems like family and friends. 1 in 4 physicians has clinical depression.  Last week medical professionals raised awareness for physicians with depression by wearing wacky socks. This week, designer Kate Spade, and chef Anthony Bourdain both committed suicide with outlets noting that they too suffered from depression. Both groups of people can show that no matter how successful or happy you think someone is, all different types of people suffer from a mental ailment.

It is time that the topic of living with mental illness is presented on a national stage. Take the conversation public. People need to break the stigma that its blasé to about talking about their feelings. When more people come forward about their mental health struggles, the reported statistic that 1 in 2 people will suffer from a mood disorder at some point in their life, will finally be recognized.

Warning Signs

Each person has a responsibility to take care of their family and friends. If you think you see any of these warning signs, please ask the person gently if they are suffering. If someone has told you that they are suffering, immediately get them help and offer support. Lend an ear, and know that compassion goes further and means more to someone suffering.

Warning Signs

  • The person stops eating
  • They talk about suicidal ideation
  • They give away personal items
  • They stop doing hobbies and activities that were once joyous
  • They may lose or gain weight
  • Talking about pain, or thinking they are a burden
  • Purchasing items to assist in suicide; be it a gun, or pills, or chemicals
  • They have mood swings
  • They isolate themselves
  • Reckless behavior

Where to Get Help

If you think that you know of someone, or if you have those characteristics yourself, seek out help. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Call right now if you think you are having issues, or feel you want to harm yourself. Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and therapists are all clinically trained to help people with their thoughts. Seeking out treatment is an effective way to try to control your thoughts. You can find one in your area on If you are struggling, you can also feel free to tell a loved one or trusted friends who will not let you go through your journey alone. Try to also find an organized support group.

The Full Impact of Suicide

While suicide seems as though it is the final option for people, they see it as an out. The people who are affected by a loved one’s suicide are their family, friends, coworkers, neighbors. People manifest mood disorders from trauma, which can be caused by the death of someone close. One suicide impacts an entire community and unravels it at its core.

Final Thoughts

If you have previously been down a black hole of depression, comment any tips that you have that may save someone’s life. There are people who care about you, and your life does matter. Suicide is a final solution to a temporary problem. Please know that your life is worth more than bleak thoughts.


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