Hearing Loss Gene Discovered

December 22, 2016
Hearing Loss Gene Discovered

Genetics shapes our physiological attributes, and how we as individuals experience the world. Jeff Green writes in Canada’s Gazette that Justin Pater is currently studying the gene, CLDN14, for hearing loss in small children. Green writes that Pater described, “this mutation has been identified in The Netherlands, Iceland and Denmark, this is the first time it has been shown to cause early onset hearing loss.” Probably due to breeding within the same area, the mutation originated from a common ancestor and keeps passing through generations.

Unfortunately, this genetic mutation of hearing loss affects many aspects of children’s lives.  Pater comments, “Children without CLDN14 mutation develop hearing loss by three to four years of age, which is an important time for language learning.” Pater goes on to acknowledge, “our audiologist, Anne Griffin, will be helping to translate this new knowledge into the clinical setting to identify at-risk children and thereby prevent speech-language and development delay.” Hopefully these children will develop necessary communicative skills to succeed in a world that has not made it easy for those with learning disabilities. With the right help, these children will persevere.

Perhaps Mr. Pater can continue his research with genetic mutations, and perhaps find a common ancestor. Soma Technology looks forward to any other research on CLDN14, or other interesting information on genetics.


Source: https://gazette.mun.ca/research/medical-breakthrough/

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