What is Happening with the Eye Drop Recall?

July 10, 2019
Eye Drop Recall

What is Happening with the Eye Drop Recall?

A few days ago, multiple news outlets published that there is a massive recall on eye drops from the brand Equate. This recall affects certain eye drops with expiration dates of 2019 to 2022. Read more to find out about what eye drops do and why these eye drops are being recalled.

How Do Eye Drops Work?

Eye drops are used for a variety of reasons. The most common reason for the use of eye drops is if your eyes are dry, red, or itchy. The solution in the eye drops acts like a lubricant for the eyes. This allows for their to be lubrication between the cornea, iris, and eyelid. The lubricant in the solution also helps to alleviate the look of red and tired eyes. People who constantly have dry eyes or cannot make their own tears, will commonly use eye drops.

What Can Happen By Using Recalled Eye Drops?

There are multiple reports that the eye drops that were recalled could cause eye infections because the solution is not sterile. The FDA notes that using these recalled products may lead to serious eye infections or death.

Final Thoughts

Do you have the Equate brand eye drops in your purse, bag, or medicine cabinet? It may be a good time to look, and double check if those eye drops fall under the recall. What do you think about product recalls? Have you ever had a product recalled that was significant? Comment below!

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