Importance of A Flu Shot

October 12, 2017
Importance of A Flu Shot

With the passing of the seasons, so comes the onset of sickness, especially in colder months. Now is the perfect time to get a flu shot to protect yourself from influenza. The largest case of an outbreak of the flu was 1918-1919, where over 500 million people around the world were infected. The best ways to not contract the flu are to get vaccinated, not be around people who are sick, and to keep a healthy diet filled with exercise. You can usually receive a vaccine at your primary care physician’s office, urgent care centers, clinics, and sometimes even pharmacies.

Those who are most susceptible to the flu are babies, the old, and those who are already sick. Sometimes the flu vaccine does cause a reverse reaction, where someone actually contracts the flu. In the event of this, please see your doctor for an expert opinion.

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