Thursday Thoughts: What Constitutes Healthy Food?

January 18, 2018
Healthy Foods That Aren't Healthy

Healthy Foods That Aren't Healthy

What Constitutes Healthy Food

I have heard over and over again that you can have any food in moderation. But what happens when what you have thought you knew all along, turns out to be incorrect? Trying to live longer and better has been at the forefront of marketing. Companies use health scare tactics to make consumers buy their “healthy” products. Advertising agencies usually show someone fit, being active, showing them eating whatever food they are trying to sell. Some of these “health food items” have actually been found to be bad for the body to consume. It is important to know which food items are secret culprits of weight gain, and poor health.

Secretly Unhealthy Foods

Sugar and fat are the two largest nutrients that contribute to a growing waistline. Companies saturate food with preservatives as well to increase a product’s shelf life. Preservatives and sugar are both found in many of the foods on this list.

Dried Fruits

Most of the nutrition from fruits is when they are consumed raw, in their natural state. When they are dried out, they become thinner and are more likely to be consumed than their original counterpart. Dried fruit also loses out on the same nutrients found in non-dehydrated fruit. A person can easily triple their calories thinking that it is just as healthy.


Granola is notorious for being a foot high in sugar and fat. A bowl of granola can total more than 500 calories. It is okay to eat this food as a topping to yogurt, or plain. Portion out the serving before consuming, so you will eat far less.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is loaded with peanuts and nuts as the main ingredient. One serving size of nuts is equal to the palm of your hand. Nuts are easily overeaten. Trail mix also has dried fruits, which as described above are relatively unhealthy when eaten in large portions. Trail mix also has peanut butter bites, pretzels, and chocolate, which in combination with nuts, dried raisins, apricots, and banana chips aren’t full of nutrients, contain large amounts of sodium and have added sugar.

Sports Drinks

The best way to rehydrate yourself from lost water is by replacing it with water. Drinks like Vitamin Water, Gatorade, and Powerade all contain large amounts of sugar and sodium.

Fruit Cocktails and Fruit Juice

Fruit cocktails are preserved in a syrup which is full of sugar and added calories. Fruit juice gets rid of the natural texture of fruit which on its own would have filled someone up. Fruit juice is a way to consume more calories than by eating fruit.


Yes, salads are by nature luring of the health crowd through tons of raw vegetables. However, the culprits here are the toppings. Topping salads with croutons, cheese, bacon, and creamy dressings pack on the calories, fat, and sugar.

General Takeaway

The key to eating healthy is portion control, and to eat a plant-based diet that has very little preservatives in it. Nutritional values are usually based on raw foods. If you want to consume something fruity, grab a piece of fruit instead. Nutrients are usually lost out when foods are cooked, and the genetic makeup of the food changes. Do you have any tips on eating healthy? Comment them below!




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