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Philips HP PageWriter 300pi – M1770A

Electrocardiógrafo (EKG)

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Economical family of cardiographs which include the M1772A PageWriter 100, M1771A PageWriter 200, and M1770A PageWriter 300pi. The PageWriter 100 with simple, easy- to-use operator controls generates reports in seconds. Additional copies are also available at the push of a button. The PageWriter 200 and 300pi cardiographs print 12-lead ECGs in different formats and over extended periods for different clinical tests or applications. The PageWriter 300pi is HP’ s economical interpretive cardiograph. All three provide printed traces that use a continuous-feed, high-resolution digital-array printer. This provides crisp, easy-to-read electrocardiograms on standard page lengths that require no cutting or mounting. Using an alphanumeric keyboard, records are clearly labeled with ECG data and patient information.