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Stryker Neptune 3 – Sistemas de gestión de residuos

Sistemas de gestión de residuos

Equipo Médico Stryker - Soma Technology, Inc.


Stryker Neptune 3 Features

The Stryker Neptune 3 waste management system is able to evacuate hazardous fluid and smoke from your surgical site. The Neptune 3 features a vacuum pump that operates at a noise level of 4.3 sones. This means that this is 48% quieter than the Neptune 2. This unit has multiple suction ranges, 7-inch top display, 8.4-inch main display, and can hold an 8-hour ULPA filter for smoke evacuation.

  • Suction range between 50-520 mm-Hg.
  • 7” top display and 8.4” Main LCD touchscreen display.
  • Smoke evacuation capabilities that can an 80-hour ULPA filter with 10 speed settings. The smoke evacuation runs on a separate pump.
  • Electronic overfill protection with mechanical backup.



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Equipo Médico Stryker - Soma Technology, Inc.