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Bovie Aaron Smoke Shark


Electrobisturis Bovie - Soma Technology, Inc.


Bovie Aaron Smoke Shark Features

The Aaron Smoke Shark is designed to be easy to use and extremely effective at smoke and particle removal at the operative site. While designed for use with all electrosurgical generators, it is also excellent for use in controlling laser smoke.

The Smoke Shark’s 18-hour filter combines four-stage filtration in one casing (Pre-filter, ULPA, Carbon, Post-filter), keeping the cost per procedure down and minimizing waste. The four-stage filter captures particles down to 0.01 µm with 99.99995% efficiency giving you the confidence you need for a safe work environment. The 24 ounces of carbon contained in the Smoke Shark filter, over twenty times the amount of a competing brand, does a superior job in odor elimination.

A variety of accessories are available to customize the Smoke Shark to your specific application. These include laser-resistant tubing, tubing reducers for attachment to smoke pencils or vaginal speculum, many other tubing configurations (sterile or nonsterile), a foot control and a remote switch activator.

Bovie Aaron Smoke Shark II Specifications

Line Voltage

  • SE01:120 VAC ± 10%
  • SE01-220: 220 VAC ± 10%

Line Frequency

  • 50-60 Hz

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width:17.78 cm (7″)
  • Height: 29.85 cm (11.75″)
  • Depth:46.36 cm (18.25″)
  • Weight: < 6.5 kg (< 14 lbs.) w/o filter




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Electrobisturis Bovie - Soma Technology, Inc.