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Philips Avalon CTS – M2720A

Monitor Fetal

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Equipo Médico Philips - Soma Technology, Inc.


Philips Avalon CTS M2720A Features

The Avalon Cordless Transducer System (CTS) helps transform labor and delivery, offering mothers and care teams the flexibility they seek by allowing comfortable, continuous fetal and maternal monitoring with exceptional mobility. Avalon CTS helps provide a constant and clear picture of patient status for confident decision-making.

  • Cordless toco transducer: externally measures uterine activity
  • Cordless ultrasound transducer: measures fetal movement and heart rate
  • Bed identifier: matches transducers and base stations for each bed
  • Base station receives transducer signals: and recharges plugged-in transducers
  • Transducer plug and play with automatic screen layout, in combination with Philips fetal monitors, allows focussing on patient care, not the system
  • Transducer status indicators: shows how clearly system is working at all times
  • Slot position indicator: helps ensure each transducer is returned to its proper home position
  • Cordless ECG transducer: measures direct fetal ECG or maternal ECG
  • Battery charge indicator: shows status of charge (Batteries operate at least 16 hours



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Equipo Médico Philips - Soma Technology, Inc.