Steris System 1

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Steris System 1 Features

Liquid chemical sterilization provides fast reprocessing ease for cleaned, reusable, immersible, and heat-sensitive critical and semi-critical devices. S40TM Sterilant Concentrate is a powerful liquid chemical sterilant that eliminates all microbial life. Its compact footprint makes SYSTEM 1 processor convenient and ideal for a variety of locations. The use-dilution is neutral pH and rinses safely down the drain. The SYSTEM 1 processor performs two quick rinse cycles, reducing energy and water consumption.
Running a 23-minute cycle, the SYSTEM 1E processor minimizes device downtime be- tween patients. Two pre-filters, UV irradiation and a MaxPureTM filter work in harmony with S40 Sterilant Concentrate as a validated process for critical and semi-critical, heat sensi- tive devices. This gentle use-dilution protects delicate surgical instruments, including multi- channel flexible surgical endoscopes. Providing a high standard of patient care, whether it’s in your OR or GI department, the SYSTEM 1E processor will help you process your devices with confidence.

  • From the Substerile to the Surgeon in Only 23 Minutes*
  • Increased productivity – Simple, 3 step process
  • Maximize the utilization of devices. Minimize downtime & repair.
  • Environmentally friendlier solutions
  • From the trusted innovator and leader in liquid chemical sterilization



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