Tuttnauer 3870EAP

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Tuttnauer 3870 EAP Features

The Tuttnauer® Model 3870EAP autoclave is designed for sterilizing laboratory and medical equipment, media, and even liquids. The Tuttnauer® autoclave provides fast, safe and dependable sterilization without any need for special plumbing or venting. Tuttnauer® autoclaves are manufactured with 316L stainless steel sterilization chambers which are highly corrosion-resistant. These autoclaves feature a fast exhaust option which reduces cycle time for solid goods and a slow exhaust option which releases chamber pressure slowly and prevents boiling over of liquids. Cold air pockets are eliminated by continuous pressure purging which ensures uniform sterilization.

The autoclave includes a 3.25L water reservoir which allows complete control of the purity of the sterilizing steam and allows repeated use without the need to refill very often. The integral drying cycle prevents corrosion of expensive instruments and also dries absorbent materials. The autoclave also includes a low water level alarm which prevents damage to the heating elements. Tuttnauer® autoclaves feature a double-locking door that is insulated for high heat and protects lab personnel from accidental burns. The door cannot be opened when the chamber is pressurized by means of a dead-bolt mechanism for added safety.

Includes an integrated printer which validates each sterilization cycle by recording elapsed sterilization and drying time, real-time and real date, temperature, pressure, cycle number, and program type. Sterilization temperature and pressure are printed every minute. The printer produces the sterilization process summary at the end of each cycle with all documentation. When errors or interruptions occur during the cycle it is documented as the reason for the failure on the printout.

  • Automatic, Digital Control; Chamber Diameter x Depth: 15 x 27-Inch; Capacity: 84-Liters; Includes support stand and 2 Stainless Steel Tray Shelves (14 x 26.1-Inch)
  • Includes 60-Minute Timer, Integrated Printer, Air Pump for Closed-Door Drying, 3.25-Liter Reservoir & Low Water-Level Alarm. Temperature Range: 105 to 137°C (221 to 279°F)
  • Designed with pre-loaded cycles for sterilizing packs, pouches, sealed pipet racks and wrapped or unwrapped instruments. Heating time to 273°F (134 °C): 30-Minutes.
  • Air pump circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle to ensure thorough drying & reduce drying time. The door cannot be opened while the chamber is under pressure.
  • Automatic low water level shut-off prevents damage to heating elements when there is insufficient water for the sterilization cycle. UL Listed, CSA Certified & ASME Stamped.
  • Sold Individually

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