MediCap USB 100

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MediCap USB 100 Features

The MediCap USB100 easily captures digital images from medical imaging equipment such as ultrasounds, endoscopes, intraoral cameras, surgical microscopes, and most video imaging devices.

Capture Images with the Touch of a Button. This low-cost, revolutionary device is simple to install and operate. Just plug the USB100 into your imaging equipment’s video connectors. Press the Capture button to save the image on your monitor to a USB flash drive. When you’re finished, remove the drive and insert it in any USB compatible device such as a PC, laptop, or web pad to view, enhance, and share the images.

The easy way to ‘Go Digital’ Now you’re no longer limited to paper or film-based images. You can archive images digitally, email them to colleagues, post them on a secure hospital network, or include them in PowerPoint presentations.

  • Captures and stores digital images on USB flash drive. Works with existing ultrasounds, endoscopes, surgical microscopes, etc.
  • Easy installation. Just plug it in and capture.
  • Little or no training needed. Simply push a button to capture the current image on your monitor – it’s saved as a still image on a USB flash drive.
  • Extremely low cost. Revolutionary technology allows the USB100 to be priced at a fraction of the cost of other capture equipment.
  • Small, portable, and rugged. Compact design easily fits on medical equipment carts and is designed for demanding hospital environments.
  • Powerful, friendly features. Capture via a button, foot switch, or contact closure on the imaging device; review captured images on the monitor; back to life after each capture; white case blends with office environments.

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