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Zoll PD 1200


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Desfibriladores Zoll - Soma Technology, Inc.


Zoll PD 1200 Features

The Zoll PD 1200 combining defibrillation, pacing, and monitoring, offers complete ACLS-response capabilities in a single, easy-to-use unit that is ideal for critical and specialty care areas. It can be configured with the ZOLL «hands-off» Multi-Function Electrodes, with standard defibrillation paddles and pacing electrodes, and with internal defibrillation paddles and pacing electrodes.

  • Lightweight, compact, and can be transported with a patient
  • Paddles and pacing electrodes
  • Capable of delivering up to 360 joules
  • Operates on AC and DC power
  • Sealed lead-acid battery provides up to 2 hours of operation
  • Built-in batteries are kept at full charge when connected to line power
  • Batteries are rechargeable and can easily be replaced




Desfibriladores Zoll de Anestesia de la más alta calidad a los mejores precios. Soma Technology es un líder en la venta de equipo médico!
Desfibriladores Zoll - Soma Technology, Inc.