Zoll PD 1400

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Zoll PD 1400 Features

The Zoll PD 1400 Pacemaker/Defibrillator combines a patented noninvasive temporary pacemaker, a DC defibrillator, a non-fade monitor, and an annotating strip chart recorder in an integral, self-contained instrument. The PD 1400 is lightweight, compact, and can be transported with a patient. Power is provided by an easily replaceable battery pack. The battery pack can be quickly recharged and tested, using the ZOLL Battery Support System. This product may be used for cardiac pacing for any purpose in conscious or unconscious patients for up to a few hours duration as an alternative to endocardial stimulation. This product is to be used only by qualified medical personnel for the purpose of converting ventricular fibrillation, a cardiac rhythm incompatible with life, to sinus rhythm or other cardiac rhythms capable of producing hemodynamically significant heartbeats.

  • Large CRT display monitor
  • Multifunction electrodes
  • Space-saving design, weighing 13 pounds
  • Superior Battery Technology