Zoll PD 2000

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Zoll PD 2000 Features

The Zoll PD 2000 defibrillator is a fully integrated system for defibrillation, in-hospital use of defibrillation, and cardiac life support. The Zoll PD 2000 defibrillator uses technology that detects ventricular fibrillation, making adapters unnecessary and using instead a paddle-less electrode system for speed shock delivery. Standardized controls make it ideal for the hospital planning implementation of early defibrillation to improve outcomes from cardiac arrest.

  • built-in AED Shock Advisory system
  • switches easily between advisory (ACLS) and manual (BLS) modes
  • «paddle free» electrode system
  • completely integrated system for early defibrillation
  • Standardized controls
  • suited for general floor
  • New state-of-the-art modular AC power and rapid battery recharging
  • easily exchangeable low-cost lead-acid battery system
  • Weights 16 lbs with electrode and charger