GE Definium AMX 700

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GE Definium AMX 700 Features

The GE Definium AMX 700 is a portable x-ray machine that runs off of rechargeable batteries. The quality of the x-ray machine includes a flat-panel digital detector and provides high-quality images at a low dose for patients. With the Mobility of the Definium AMX 700, it is ideal for the ICU, ER, OR, and orthopedic facilities. it offers a larger imaging area and an interface that can work smoothly across other GE products. The GE portable X-ray machine comes with a flexible position arm that can rotate 270 degrees, making it easier to capture the image while the patient is comfortable. The unit comes with a touchscreen display making it easier to set the protocols for each time an image is taken. The system can store over 2,000 images or it can transmit the images to the facility’s computers through a PACS system for future storage.

  • 270° column flexibility.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • 15” touchscreen display.
  • Single-piece detector.
  • Instant distribution and access to patient data.
  • Over 2,000 image storage.
  • Rotating anode X-ray tube.
  • Networking connectivity – DICOM 3.0 and IHE compatible.

GE Definium AMX 700 Specifications


  • Overall Width: 64.8 cm / 25.5 in (Includes front bumper)
  • Width at Midpoint: 64.1 cm / 25.25in
  • Overall Height 193 cm / 76 in
  • Tube Height: in 142.2 cm / 56 in (Transport look over)
  • Overall Length: 115.6 cm / 45.5 in (includes handle)
  • Length: Base 111.1 cm / 43.75 in
  • Length, Full Horizontal 213.4 cm / 84 in Arm Extension
  • Weight: Shipping (w/battery) 559 kg (1,230 lbs). Unit Weight w/o batteries 468 kg (980 lbs).

Tube Positioning

  • Maximum Focal Spot: 201.2 cm / 79.2 in Height (standard)
  • Minimum Focal Spot: 62.4 cm / 24.6 in Height
  • Vertical Travel: 138.4 cm / 54.5 in
  • Maximum Horizontal: 107.6 cm / 42.4 in Extension
  • Minimum Horizontal 67.0 cm / 26.4 in Extension
  • Horizontal Travel 40.6 cm / 16.4 in

Flat-Panel Digital Detector

  • Active image area 41 x 41 cm
  • Dimensions 59 cm (H) x 47 cm (W) x 2.7 cm (D)
  • Weight 5.9kg
  • Active Matrix 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • Image Depth 14 Bit
  • Pixel Pitch 200 microns
  • Dynamic Range .67 uR – 11 mR
  • Typical DQE 67% @ 0 lp

Acquisition Workstation

  • 15 in touch screen monitor
  • Hard Disk Storage Images: 73 GB, stores >3200 typical
  • Fully Processed Image <15 seconds

Image Display Tools

  • Window width and level
  • Grayscale invert
  • Interpolated zoom with roam
  • Image flips (horizontal, vertical)
  • Image Rotate – 90 degrees increments
  • Free rotation – 360 degree
  • L/R markers
  • Free text annotation
  • Manual shuttering


  • Unit is shipped with batteries fully charged.
  • Batteries are sealed lead-acid requiring no maintenance over the normal expected life of greater than 3 years. Batteries are “minimal liquid”, film electrolyte technology that will not leak even if damaged.
  • Nine 12-volt packs connected in series (108 V nominal).
  • Runs both motor drive and X-ray from the same pack.

Battery Charging System

  • Unit designed to be charged in any corridor or room space with normal ventilation. The unit should not be charged in closets, etc., or in areas using isolated power, e.g., surgery. Charges in 3 hrs 45 minutes (minimum).
  • Charger operates in any key switch position (fast charge while the system is OFF and slow charge while the system is ON).
  • Charger status displayed on message readout.
  • An automatic battery voltage sensor protects batteries from deep-discharge and thereby prevents permanent battery damage.
  • Automatic battery status sensing with the programmed overcharging protocol for maximizing battery life.
  • Charger cord provided with retraction into a base. Hospital-grade line plug fits standard wall receptacle.
  • Maximum line draw: 5 A, 110 VAC (2.5A, 220 VAC)
  • All units capable of charging from a 110 or 220 VAC nominal, 60 Hz, or 50 Hz wall plug.

Technical Control

  • The digital radiographic imaging system is available with a 12.5kW generator.
  • Closed-loop kVp generator design using microprocessor regulation to assure constant and accurate kVp at all battery conditions.
  • mAs integrator measures actual mA to ensure accuracy, reproducibility, and station-to-station linearity for all exposures.
  • Switches are dome-type push buttons undercover. Technique adjustment is also available on the touch screen monitor.
  • Hand switch controls the rotor prep, exposure, and remote field light.
  • ON/OFF removable key switch.
  • Audible tone: X-ray On.


  • kVp: 50 to 76 in 2 kVp steps 80 to 125 in 5 KVp steps
  • mAs: kVp range 50-90kV 0. 4 to 320 mAS, 95-105kV 0.4 to 250 mAs, 110-125 kV 0.44 to 200 mAs
  • Min exposure time 4ms
  • mA: 100 mA nominal

X-ray Source

  • Tube GE model D2651P
  • Focal Spot 0.8 mm
  • Target Angle 14°
  • Rotating Anode 3 in; 3,000 rpm
  • Anode Heat Storage Capacity 140,000 HU



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