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EZ-EM Empower Inyector

Inyectores para Campo Magnético


EZ-EM CT Injectors Features

The EZ-EM Empower CT Injector System is an advanced injection system used for the vascular (IV) administration of contrast media, in conjunction with diagnostic CT (“CAT”) scanning. The display and controls are integrated into a separate swivel mounted pod, unlike all other injector systems, which means that no matter how the injector head is positioned, the display and controls are always readily visible and close at hand. Injector head is free of controls and can be pivoted 180 degrees.

Because of the large illuminated indicator, the clinician is able to view it regardless of the orientation of the injector head. The unit is smaller and its appearance is less intimidating. Cuts down diagnosis time because the technician is not running in and out of the room.