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Drager Narkomed MRI

Máquina de Anestesia

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Equipo Médico Drager - Soma Technology, Inc.


The Narkomed MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging anesthesia system. The unit utilizes the reliable AV2+ ventilator, a single vaporizer mount for 19.1 style vaporizers and the CORm volume, pressure and oxygen monitor on first generation units. The second generation units have Drager GS type display with volume, pressure and oxygen monitoring. The absorber assembly has the familiar Narkomed feel but is MRI compatible version. Units were made from 1996 to present. Units are small and have been tested near the strongest magnets.


  • Ventilator: Ascending bellows pneumatic double-circuit AV2+ style ventilator without tidal volume compensation. Modes volume control (VCV), Manual/ Spontaneous. Mechanical «bag/vent» switch.
  • Machine checklist: Manual FDA-style checklist.
  • Flowmeters: Traditional needle valve with glass flowtube display.
  • Breathing circuit: Traditional absorber head. The breathing circuit is higher volume (dual absorbent canisters). May use loose granules or prefilled canisters. May be used with non-rebreathing circuits.
  • Electrical power failure: Most functions except patient monitoring are preserved during power failure, as this is a basic pneumatic-mechanical machine.




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Equipo Médico Drager - Soma Technology, Inc.