Medtronic 5392

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Medtronic 5392 Features

The Medtronic 5392 Dual Channel Temporary External Pacemaker is a battery-powered temporary pacemaker designed to assist a cardiac pacing lead system for either a single or dual chamber temporary pacing. The Medtronic 5392 temporary pacemaker can be used as a temporary was to control the patient’s heart rate. The Temporary Pacemaker offers short-term synchronous and asynchronous pacing therapy. The system runs on two LR6 (AA-sized) alkaline batteries. The temporary pacemaker emits a current pulse that can maintain a consistent value that is set by the dials on the system.

  • Single Chamber pacing modes; AAI, TOO, VVI, and VOO
  • Dual chamber pacing modes; DDD, DDI, DOO
  • No pacing therapy; OOO
  • Easy-to view rate and output settings
  • Pacing and sensing status indicators, show the temporary pacemaker and the interaction with the heart
  • Low battery indicator – shows when the battery needs to be replaced
  • Four-dial operation that can provide therapy for most pacing needs
  • Rate dependent parameters – rate adjustment automatically sets Upper Rate, PVARP, and A-V Interval
  • Lock/Unlock key to safeguard against unintentional parameter changes
  • Lower screen messages that help with the operation of the pacemaker
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • Automatic mode switch during atrial arrhythmias

Medtronic 5392 Specifications


  • Height: 8 in (20.3 cm)
  • Width: 3.375 in (8.6 cm)
  • Depth: 1.75 in (4.45 cm)
  • Weight: 24 oz (680g)

General Specifications

  • Modes: DDD, DOO, DDI, AAI, AOO, VVI, VOO
  • Basic Pacing Rates: 30 – 200 ppm
  • Upper Rate: 80 – 230 ppm
  • Rapid Atrial Pacing Rates: 80 – 800ppm
  • Output Amplitude: Atrial: 0.1-20mA Ventricular: 0.1-25mA
  • Pulse Width: Atrial: 1.0 ms Ventricle: 1.5 ms
  • Sensitivity: Atrial: 0.4-10mV Ventricular: 0.8-20mV
  • A-V Internal
    • Paced A-V (PAV)
      • 50-250 Auto
      • 20-300 Manual
    • Sensed A-V (SAV)
      • 50-250
  • Battery Type: Two IEC type LR6-sized (AA-Sized) 1.5 V alkaline battery (Duracell MN1500, Everyday E91or Equivalent)
  • Battery Life: 9 days typical, 7 day minimum

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