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Zeiss OPMI 6S on 1880

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Microscopios Quirúrgicos Zeiss - Soma Technology, Inc.


Zeiss OPMI 6S on 1880 Stand

Zeiss 6S microscope has always been reliable both in optical clarity and with enhancing the red-reflex. The technology was applied to the newer Visu series because of its simplicity and performance. The Zeiss 6SFC, 1880 Stand is an excellent value package for cataract surgery, with the renowned Zeiss optics, XY, and 150watt illumination, to ensure a uniform view of the posterior capsule.


  • Great Value on a Full Ophthalmic Scope
  • Reliable Red-Reflex
  • Zeiss Opmi 6s
  • Zeiss XY2
  • 0-180 degree inclinable binos
  • Zeiss F125 inclined binos
  • 4 12.5x widefield eyepieces
  • Zeiss beamsplitter
  • Stereo observer tube
  • Zeiss objective lens 175mm
  • Zeiss 1880 Stand



Microscopios Quirúrgicos Zeiss

Microscopios Quirúrgicos Zeiss de la más alta calidad a los mejores precios. Soma Technology es un líder en la venta de equipo médico!
Microscopios Quirúrgicos Zeiss - Soma Technology, Inc.