Wallach ZoomScope

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Wallach ZoomScope Features

Wallach’s premier colposcope offers unobstructed access to the examination site, allowing for optimal viewing. Zoom knobs conveniently located on both sides of the optical head with vertical and horizontal optics adjustment capabilities.

Nikon stereoscopic optics with continuous variable zoom magnification of 4.5x to 20x makes the Wallach ZoomScope Colposcope an excellent choice. Continuously view at the highest magnification without over or under sizing the viewing field. ZoomScope features a unique overhead suspension system that provides unobstructed access to the operative site. It may also be converted to an operating microscope. ZoomScope offers optional foot pedal power zoom and focuses to free both hands. USB video and digital patient management capabilities are available for transfer to EMR systems.
The legendary ZoomScope offers unparalleled image clarity combined with what appears to be a 3D image for outstanding diagnostic performance. With zooming magnification optics, you see exactly what you want. Combined with Trulight, the color and brightness of the images are outstanding.
Wallach’s revolutionary Trulight Lighting System incorporates 5 high intensity, long life (20,000+ hours) light emitting diodes (LEDs) designed around the objective lens. The white solid-state LEDs provide light at 5000-6000 K for a brighter white. Precisely angled, the lights converge to the target offering a brighter, white light for true tissue color. The center light is green and can be turned on at the touch of a switch for delineation of vascular patterns. The LEDs eliminate the need to change light bulbs!

  • Nikon head with Nikon optics
  • Zoom optical system for correct magnification and field of view at all times
  • Full range magnification available from 4.5x to 20x
  • Easiest scope to use, comfortable for patients
  • Converts from colposcope to operating microscope in seconds
  • Green light at the touch of a switch
  • Slimmer, lighter, more maneuverable design
  • Special suspension eliminates adjustment knobs or dials
  • Stable base
  • Attractively price for any practice
  • Digital imagining/video system options available

Wallach ZoomScope with Trulight Specifications


  • Overall Height: 160.02 cm
  • Height of Column: 101.6 cm (116.8 cm and 139.7 cm also available)
  • Overall Weight: 27.9 kg (Basic ZoomScope without accessories)
  • Center of Column to End of Leg: 39.37 cm
  • Center of Column to Center of Microscope with Boom Suspended
  • Horizontally: 50.80 cm
  • Height of Microscope from Depressed Position of Suspension to Floor: 67.31 cm
  • At Extreme Position of Suspension: 116.8 cm (with short column)


  • Power Requirements: 100-120V/200-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100VA
  • Fused Power Input Lamp: 2.0 amps
  • Fuse Rating: F2.0A/250V~
  • Power Cord: 2.44-meter medical grade power cord with North American 120 VAC plug



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