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Buffalo Filter ViroVac



Buffalo Filter ViroVac Features

The Buffalo Filter ViroVac is a surgical smoke evacuation system. the system is ended to help evacuate and filter out surgical smoke. The smoke goes through the system’s vacuum tubing and is then processed by a series of filters. The ViroVac system offers a 3-port filter that can fit 3 different size tubing. This design features a cover and can accommodate a variety of tubing sizes. It can provide up to 35 hours of continuous, effective surgical smoke evacuation. The Buffalo ViroVac consists of four stages of filtration in one machine. It provides built-in pre-filters, an activated carbon, a ULPA filter, and a post-filter.

  • Compact design allows for easy placement on a shelf or counter and accommodates stack-ability.
  • Quiet, yet powerful operation will assist in providing a safe operating environment without disruption.
  • 35 hour maximum filter life delivers unsurpassed value and reduces per-procedure costs.
  • 3-port filter design puts the power of hose and accessory options in your hand and eliminates adapters.
  • 3-port filter features filter life tracking technology.
  • Filter ports are covered for additional safety.
  • Simplicity reduces training needs and enhances utilization.

Buffalo Filter ViroVac Specifications:


  • Height: 6 in (15.2 cm)
  • Width: 11 in (27.9 cm)
  • Depth: 15.5 in (39.4 cm)
  • Weight:12 lbs (5 kg)


  • Type: LED
  • Display: filter staus: Flow Rate, service required


  • 120 VAC +/- 1-% (50 Hz/ 60Hz)

Noise level

  • Maximum: 55.0 dBa

Flow Rate

  • 25 cfm (708 lam) using 7/8 in (22 mm) Tubing