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GE Lunar Orca

Mini C-Arm

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Equipo Médico GE - Soma Technology, Inc.


GE Lunar Orca

The LUNAR ORCA 6/4 inch Mini C-Arm is a powerful high-resolution Mini C-Arm that allows larger extremities such as knees and shoulders to be viewed with ease as well as all smaller extremities.

The image can also be coned down to a 4″ Field of View for an even higher resolution image.

The Lunar has the largest field of view size available on the Mini C-Arm market. It has crisp digital imaging, edge enhancement, onboard image storage, split screen imaging for viewing multiple images at once, multi-function foot pedal optional remote control


  • Dual Mode 6”/ 4” Image Intensifier
  • X-ray Tube
  • 150 Image Storage
  • Single Standard Resolution Monitor
  • Low Scatter
  • Split Screen
  • Patient Data Keyboard
  • Frame Averaging
  • Black & White Thermal Printer




Equipo Médico GE de Anestesia de la más alta calidad a los mejores precios. Soma Technology es un líder en la venta de equipo médico!
Equipo Médico GE - Soma Technology, Inc.