GE Marquette Solar 8000 System

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GE Marquette Solar 8000 System Features

The Solar® 8000i is a modular, high-acuity patient monitoring system that enhances clinical decision-making with a constant flow of quality information. It provides robust clinical standards including core vital signs, advanced cardiac care and ventilation evaluation for the OR, ICU and NICU care areas.

The Solar 8000i offers an extensive selection of modules – from the new CARESCAPETM Patient Data Module and the Tram multiparameter module to individual parameter measurement modules – so you can quickly and cost-effectively adapt your monitor to a broad range of care needs. When using the Patient Data Module or TRAM module in conjunction with the Transport Pro display, a stationary monitoring setting is transformed into a portable monitoring solution, allowing critical data to remain with the patient throughout the hospital.

  • High-Performance Monitor
  • Solar 8000 with Tram Rac, C.S. and recorder
  • Parameters:
  • ECG
  • NIBP
  • SpO2
  • Temperature
  • 2 IBP
  • Options: Flat Screen

Ge Marquette Solar 8000 Specifications


  • Size: H x W x D: 8.1 cm( 3.2 in) x 33.6 cm (13.3 in) x 34.9 cm (13.8 in)
  • Weight: 5.4 kg (12 lbs)


  • Trim Knob and five active hard keys: Display On/Off, NBP Go/Stop, Zero All, Silence Alarm and Graph Go/Stop
  • Optional remote control with twelve active hard keys: See Remote Control for applications and specifications.


  • Main processor: Motorola® MC68EN360, 32 bits, 25 MHz
  • Graphics processor: Texas Instruments® TMS34010, 16 bits, 46.8 MHz
  • Tram-net® communication processor: Intel® 82596,32 bit, 25 MHz LAN
  • communication processor: Motorola MC68EN360, 32 bits, 25 MHz LAN
  • communication processor: Motorola MC68EN360, 32 bits, 25 MHz


  • Classification.
  • Patient Status Alarms have 4 levels: Crisis, Warning, Advisory and Message. System Alarms have 2 levels: Warning and Advisory
  • Notification: Audible and visual, dependent on the level
  • Display of alarm information: All limits are viewable and graphable. Continuous display of limits: All parameters, one set of limits

Power Requirements

  • 110 ± 20VAC, 50/60Hz single phase 230 ± 40VAC, 50/60Hz: single phase
  • Power consumption: 100 W (max.)
  • Low voltage shutdown: < 90 VAC/ < 1 90 VAC Cooling: Natural convection
  • Heat dissipation: 100 Btu/hr (30 watts)



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