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GE Logiq 500/500 Pro


Equipo Médico GE - Soma Technology, Inc.


GE Logiq 500/500 Pro Features

The GE Logiq 500 and the GE Logiq 500 Pro ultrasound machines feature excellent image quality, is easy to use and offers advanced applications because it has been designed to address the needs that have been formerly neglected by the industry.
GE’s Logiq 500/500 Pro ultrasound system uses a digital beamformer with parallel processing, which provides real-time mode and the simultaneous display of 2D color mode and Spectral Doppler.
The system has a variety of other technologies in use including, automatic tissue optimization with one touch imaging and can be used in a variety of applications.

  • High-Frequency Micron Imaging
  • Digital Beamformer with Parallel Processing
  • Doppler Sensitivity
  • Maximum Resolution Flow

GE Logiq 500/500 Pro Specifications


  • Size:H x W x D 50in x 21in x 37in
  • Weight:444lbs


  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • B-Mode, M-Mode
  • Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO)
  • CW/PW Doppler
  • Digital Beam Forming with Parallel Processing
  • Automatic Spectral Optimization (ASO)
  • Up to 160 frames, CINE scroll memory
  • Image Archive to MO disk and Hard Drive
  • 15″ color monitor with swivel/tilt/rotate/height adjust
  • Three active probe ports
  • Physio module & ECG cables



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Equipo Médico GE - Soma Technology, Inc.