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GE Logiq 9


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Equipo Médico GE - Soma Technology, Inc.


GE Logiq 9 Features

The GE Logiq 9 introduces new exciting enhancements that will change the ultrasound impact with any clinical application, both in image quality and workflow efficiencies. The Volume Ultrasound suite enables to acquire and further navigate within Volume data set, to acquire and further navigate within Volume data set, to explore the smallest details with stunning clarity. New Volume features enable you to perform at the highest level, providing new information and re-designing the approach to the patient.

  • Adjustable 19″ flat-panel monitor, that also folds down for clear visibility during transport
  • Floating keyboard console to keep everything within arm’s reach
  • A voice-activated operation allows the freedom to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Color touch screen and programmable keys for one-touch efficiency

GE Logiq 9 Specifications


  • Size: (H x W x D) 55.3″-63.3″ (140.3-160.7 cm) x 25.2″ (64cm) x 35.4″ (89.9 cm)
  • Weight: 434 lbs

Operator Keyboard

  • Floating keyboard adjustable in three dimensions:
  • Height: adjustable 76.2 – 96.5 cm( 30- 38 in)
  • Rotation: Adjustable +/- 75o from center
  • Extension: 31,8 cm (12.5in) from Console
  • Full-sized, backlit alphanumeric keyboard
  • Ergonomic hard key layout
  • interactive back-lighting
  • Integrated recoding keys for remote control of up to 4 peripheral or DICOM devices
  • Integrated gel warmer

Touch Screen

  • 10.4 in high-resolution color LCD screen
  • Interactive dynamic software menu
  • Brightness adjustment
  • User-configurable layout


  • 17″high-resolution non-interlaced scan flat CRT
  • Center of monitor height adjustable (with keyboard): 125.7 146.1 cm (49.5 – 57.5in)
  • Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor
  • Tilt Angle: Down 10°, Up 10°
  • Rotate Angle: 90° right, 90° left
  • Wide image area
  • Integrated high-fidelity speakers
  • Digital brightness & contrast adjustment

Console Design

  • 4 active Probe Ports
  • Integrated HDD (40 GB)
  • Integrated CD-RW drive
  • Integrated MO drive
  • Onboard storage for peripherals
  • Integrated cable management
  • Front and rear handles
  • Easily removable air filter



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Equipo Médico GE - Soma Technology, Inc.