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Guerbet OptiVantage DH

Inyectores para Campo Magnético


Guerbet OptiVantage DH Features

The Guerbet OptiVantage DH dual head CT injection system is a contrast delivery system and is designed to inject radiopaque contrast media into a patient’s vascular system to obtain diagnostic images when used with computed tomography equipment. The OptiVantage gives you the standard of care you expect from a power injector. With its easy, touch-screen interface and built-in safety features, this uniquely intelligent interface between contrast media syringe and power injector is designed to give you more ways to efficiently and effectively support more complex injection protocols.

  • Fully programmable power head.
  • Saline can be programmed to inject prior to, or immediately following, contrast.
  • All programming can also be achieved in the control room at the remote console.
  • Microprocessor-controlled injector can perform injections within the following variable parameters: Flow Rate, Volume, Pressure Limit, Inject Delay, ScanDelay, and Phase Delay.
  • Stores up to 40 protocols in its memory.
  • Auto-Fill allows the power head to automatically fill up to 25 ml upon loading a 200 ml syringe.

Guerbet OptiVantage DH Specifications


  • Flow Rate: 0.1-10.0 mL/sec
  • Pressure Limit: 50-325 peak psi
  • Syringe Sizes: 200 mL empty syringes; 50, 75, 100, 125 mL prefilled syringes
  • Syringe Heater: 37 °C nominal, minimizes the loss of heat from preheated contrast
  • Volume: 0.1 mL to volume in syringe (200 mL)
  • Scan Delay: 0-600 seconds
  • Inject Delay: 0-600 seconds
  • Phase Delay: 0-600 seconds
  • Number of Phases: 6
  • Protocol Memory: 40
  • Inject Results: Last 24 injected protocols
  • Simultaneous Injection Ratio: 10% to 90% in 5% steps
  • Interface Capabilities: CAN class 4 and relay interfacing capabilities come standard on every OptiVantage model