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Liebel Flarsheim Optistat

Inyectores para Campo Magnético


Liebel Flarsheim Optistat Features

  • Used for angiogrphy, CT /MRI /DSA scan and enhanced angiography in our body.
  • High-quality medical grade Polypropylene material.
  • A kit for CT injector systems.
  • Perfectly fit to CT injectors such as Medrad 200/300 vistron.
  • Standard pressure and high pressure for choosing.

Liebel Flarsheim Optistat Specifications


  • Applicable Scope: Liebel-flarsheim(USA)
  • Optistar LE, Elite MRI High-Pressure Injector
  • Standard Configuration:2-60ml syringe,1-Y(T)connecting tube,2-suction tube (device)