Mindray DPM5

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The Mindray DPM5 is a small, lightweight portable patient monitor. The DPM5 monitor comes with a color display that can show up to eight different waveforms. The system is a Multi-parameter patient monitor that can measure: NIBP, SpO2, 3/5 lead ECG, Patient temperature, and blood pressure. The DPM5 is an easy-to-use monitor with quick action buttons and knobs on the front of the machine. Modules can be added to the DPM5 Monitor to measure EtCO2, arrhythmia, and ST Analysis.

  • Multi-parameter monitor:
    • Dual-channel temperature
    • Dual-channel invasive blood pressure
    • Respiration
    • Pulse rate
    • Nellcor® Oximax SpO2
    • NIBP
    • 3 to 5-lead ECG
  • 12.1 in color display screen
  • The Screen is configurable for up to 8 waveforms
  • Comes with a Lithium-ion battery
  • Flash backup incase of power-loss
  • Built-in recorder for printing real-time and historical data
  • various mounting configurations

Mindray DPM5 Patient Monitor Specifications

Monitor Dimensions

  • Size: 318 × 270 × 137mm (width×height×depth)
  • Weight: Different due to different configurations
  • Standard configuration: 4.7kg
  • Maximum weight: ≤ 7.5kg


  • Type Color TFT LCD
  • Size 12.1 inches (diagonal)
  • Resolution 800×600 pixels


  • Type Thermal dot array
  • Horizontal resolution 160 dots/cm (at 25 mm/s recording rate)
  • Vertical resolution 80 dots/cm
  • Width of the recorder paper 50 mm
  • Length of the recorder paper 20 m
  • Recording rate 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s
  • Recorded waveforms 3

LED Indicator

  • Alarm indicator 1 (yellow and red)
  • Running status indicator 1 (green)
  • AC power indicator 1 (green)
  • Battery indicator 1 (green)

Audio Indicator

  • Speaker
  • Giving audio alarms (45 to 85 dB), keypad tones, and heartbeat/pulse tone.
  • Supporting PITCH TONE and multi-level volume./li>
  • Audio alarms comply with EN 60601-1-8 and IEC60601-1-8.


  • Power supply 1 AC power connector
  • Network 1 standard RJ45 network connector, 100 BASE-TX
  • VGA 1 standard color VGA monitor connector, 15-PIN D-sub
  • Auxiliary output 1 BNC connector
  • Equipotential 1 equipotential grounding connector



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