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Masimo Rad-5v

Oxímetro de Pulso

Oxímetro de Pulso Masimo - Soma Technology, Inc.


Masimo Rad-5v Features

The Masimo Rad-5V is a hand-held pulse oximeter that can non-invasively monitor a patient’s blood oxygen saturation ( SpO2 ) and pulse rate. The Masimo Rad-5v system features a color LED Display screen. This makes it easier to continuously monitor the patient’s vitals. The Display screen also displays an indicator bar that has the Perfusion Indicator (PI) and Signal Identification. By using a finger probe the Masimo system and easily calculate the measurements.

The Masimo Rad-5 can hold up to 72 hours of tending data in the memory. The System has audio and visual alarms that can be set for high and low saturation, pulse rate, and low battery. The battery life of the pulse oximeter is over 30 hours and runs on four AA batteries.

  • Clinically proven Masimo SET technology performance.
  • Applicable for use on neonates, pediatric and adult patients.
  • Proven for accurate monitoring in motion and low perfusion environments.
  • SpO2, pulse rate, alarm, and perfusion index displays.
  • Signal I.Q. for signal identification and quality indication.
  • Lightweight, convenient handheld design.
  • Long battery life: over 30 hours on 4 “AA” alkaline batteries

Masimo Rad-5v Specifications


  • Height: 6.2” (15.8 cm)
  • Width: 3.0” (7.6 cm)
  • Depth: 1.4” (3.6 cm)
  • Weight: 13 oz (0.32 kg)

Measurement Range

  • SpO2: 1–100%
  • Pulse Rate: 25–240 bpm
  • Perfusion: 0.02–20%


  • Saturation: 70–100%
    • No Motion Adults/Pediatrics: 2 %
    • No Motion Neonates: 3 %
    • Motion Adults/Pediatrics: 3 %
    • Motion Neonates: 3 %
    • Low Perfusion Adults/Pediatrics: 2 %
    • Low Perfusion Neonates: 3 %
  • Pulse Rate: 25–240 bpm
    • No Motion: 3 bpm
    • Motion: 5 bpm
    • Low Perfusion: 3 bpm


  • Saturation (%SpO2): 1%
  • Pulse Rate (bpm): 1 BMP


  • Type: 4 AA Alkaline
  • Capacity: over 30 hours


  • Averaging Mode: 8 seconds
  • Sensitivity: Normal


  • Sensor condition, system failure, and low battery alarms
    • High Priority: 799 Hz tone, 5 pulse burst, pulse spacing: 0.250s, 0.250s, 0.500s, 0.250s, repeat time: 10s
    • Low Priority: 432 Hz tone, 3 pulses, repeat time: 5s
    • Alarm Volume: High Priority: 75 dB (max), Low Priority: 75 dB (max)




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Oxímetro de Pulso Masimo - Soma Technology, Inc.