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Nellcor N-395

Oxímetro de Pulso

Equipo Médico Nellcor - Soma Technology, Inc.


Nellcor N 395 Features

The Nellcor N-395 is a Non-invasive pulse Oximeter monitor. The Pulse Oximeter is used to monitor the SpO2 and Pulse rate in the patient. it can monitor patients ranging from Neonates to adults. The Bright LCD display screen makes it easy to read for a distance. The Nellcor N-395 can hold up to 48 hours of tracking memory and can be connected to any of the Nellcor sensors. The Pulse Oximeter system comes with a SatSecond alarm system that can be triggered by the defined limitations that can be set by the user.

  • Advanced signal processing technology
  • Reads through challenging motion conditions, cutting through nonspecific noise to find the pulse and track true SpO2 and pulse rate values.
  • Provides fast, accurate information from neonatal to adult patients.
  • Operates in low perfusion, weak signal conditions, or with environmental interference.

Nellcor N 395 Specifications

Measurement Range

  • SpO2: 1 – 100%
  • Pulse Rate: 20 to 250 beats per minute (bmp)

Accuracy Saturation (%SpO 2) +/-1SD) Without Motion

  • Adults: 70 – 100% +/- 2 digits
  • Neonates: 70 – 100% +/- 3 digits, 1-69% unspecified
  • With Motion Adult & Neonates: 70 – 100% +/- 3 digits, 1-69% unspecified

Pulse Rate

  • Without Motion: 20-250 +/- 3 digits
  • With Motion: Normal physiologic range (e.g., 55 – 125 bmp) +/- 5digits

Electrical Instruments

  • Power requirements: 100 – 200 VAC, 200 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 Va Switch Selectable
  • Fuses: 2 qty, 0.5 A, 250 Volts, Slow-blow, IEC (5×20 mm), weight: 5.6 lbs (3.15kg)




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Equipo Médico Nellcor - Soma Technology, Inc.