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Philips SureSign VM1

Oxímetro de Pulso

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Philips SureSigns VM1 Features

The Philips Suresign VM1 is a Patient monitor that offers respiratory monitoring along with SpO2 and CO2 measurements. The SureSign can be used on a range of patients including neonates, pediatrics, and adults. The Philips system can hold up to 96 hours of trending data in its memory along with UBS port and LAN data ports to transfer data to an external device. The Philips Suresign VM1 comes with a backlit color display making it easy to read at any time. The Philips monitor has an internal ion battery along with an internal battery supply that can offer 6 our of continuous SpO2 monitoring before needing to be charged.

  • Patient Type: Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal
  • Battery: Internal lithium-ion 10.8 to 11.1 V. Operating time: 6 hours with continuous SpO₂ measurements every 4 hours V/ mAhr/hours
  • Data Output: HL7 format via Ethernet port. USB port. The optional serial interface adapter
  • Display Modes: large numeric display numeric and waveform display tabular trend display graphical trend display
  • Recorder Type (optional): Paper width: 58mm Speed: 6.25mm, 12.5mm, 25mm, and 50mm/sec; user selectable

Philips SureSigns VM1 Specifications


  • 3.5 in (9 cm) H, 10.2 in (26 cm) W, 9.1 in (23 cm) D
  • Weight (with CO2 and recorder): 4 lbs (1.82 kg)


  • Display: WQVGA TFT-AM LCD Display | 4.3 in (10.9 cm)

Monitoring Parameters

  • SPO2: Measurement Range: 0 to 100 Accuracy depends on the sensor. Heart rate measurement range: 30 to 300 bpm. Heart rate accuracy ± 2% or ± 1 bpm whichever is greater. Complies with EN ISO 9919 standard %
  • CO2 (optional): Microstream technology. Measurement range: 0 to 150 mmHg.Accuracy: 0 – 38 mmHg, ± 2 mmHg. 39 – 99 mmHg, ± 5% of reading (+ 0.08% for every 1 mmHg above 38 mmHg) 100 – 150 ± mmHg, ± 5% of reading (+ 0.08% for every 1 mmHg above 38 mmHg) mmHg
  • Respiration Measurement: 0-150 Rpm
  • Respiration Accuracy: ±1rpm in the range of 0-70rpm ±2rpm in the range of 71-120rpm ±3rpm in the range of 121-150rpm Rpm



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