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Cardiac Science PowerHeart G3

Desfibrilador Automático Externo (DEA)

Equipo Médico Cardiac Science - Soma Technology, Inc.


Cardiac Science PowerHeart AED G3 Features

The Cardiac Science PowerHeart AED G3 is a self testing battery-operated automated external defibrillator. The Cardiac Science G3 automatically analyzes the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) and advises the operator to press the button to deliver a shock if needed. This AED guides the operator through the rescue using a combination of voice prompts, audible alerts, and visible indicators. The device is indicated for emergency treatment of victims exhibiting symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest who are unresponsive and not breathing.

  • Self-test daily.
  • Clear voice prompts.
  • Analyzes the heart rhythm to determine is shock is necessary.
  • Text screen that provides helpful information.
  • Determines electrical impedance of each patient and customizes the energy level delivered.

Cardiac Science PowerHeart AED G3 Specifications


  • Height: 3.3” (8 cm)
  • Width: 12.4” (31 cm)
  • Depth: 10.6” (27 cm)
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs (3.1 kg)


  • Operations: Semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Waveform: STAR biphasic truncated exponential
  • Allowable Energy Range (J): Escalating Variable Energy (VE) 95J to 351J
  • Protocols: 5 energy protocols available
  • Factory default (nominal): 200VE, 300VE, 300VE
  • Voice Prompts: Clear, concise voice prompts guide user through the rescue
  • CPR Prompts: Available with compressions-only CPR or CPR with rescue breaths
  • Text Screen: Displays rescue prompts to guide user through rescue process as well as additional critical rescue information for EMS responders
  • Visible Indicators: Rescue Ready status indicator, SmartGauge battery status indicator, service indicator, pad indicator, text display
  • Audible Alerts: Voice prompt, system alert
  • Synchronized Shock: Built-in automatic synchronization feature
  • Pacemaker Pulse Detection: Yes
  • Programmable: Yes, via MDLink
  • Pediatric Capability: Yes


  • Minimum Combined Surface Area: 35.3 sq in (228 cm2)
  • Extended Length of Lead Wire: 4.3 ft (1.3 m)


  • Type: IntelliSense lithium battery

Automatic Self-Tests

  • Daily: Battery, pads (presence and function), internal electronics, SHOCK/CONTINUE button, and software
  • Weekly: Battery, pads (presence and function), internal electronics, partial energy charge, SHOCK/CONTINUE button, and software
  • Monthly: Battery, pads (presence and function), internal electronics, full energy charge cycle, SHOCK/CONTINUE button, and software


Cardiac Science

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