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Philips Agilent HeartStream XLT

Desfibrilador Automático Externo (DEA)

Equipo Médico Philips - Soma Technology, Inc.


Philips Agilent HeartStream XLT Features:

HeartStart XLT, a lightweight defibrillator/monitor for use by both EMTs and paramedics, switches from automated to manual operation with the press of a button, and charges to its highest energy setting within three seconds. In automated mode, clear, concise voice prompts to guide users through the defibrillation process, while an easy-to-read LCD displays the ECG waveform. When switched to manual mode, HeartStart XLT is a manual defibrillator/monitor, offering true 1-2-3 operation. ACLS caregivers can select from a range of energy levels for defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion. ECG monitoring provides key information needed for rapid intervention and thorough care.



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Equipo Médico Philips - Soma Technology, Inc.