1. Liquidate Assets
Liquidating assets is a valuable revenue builder for any business in the healthcare industry. Soma Tech intl has more than 25 years of experience building trust with our partners. They know they are getting the best value for their capital equipment.
2. Buying Power
Soma Tech intl has buying power to procure large inventories of equipment, simplifying the liquidation process into a single-source experience.
3. We Buy For Stock
Soma Tech intl thrives on outfitting entire healthcare facilities with medical equipment. Our large, diversified medical equipment inventory exceeds that of our competitor’s. With Single-Source Solutions, our suppliers can sell equipment to one vendor, saving both time and money.
4. Expedite Transactions
Our dedicated, experienced Procurement Department smoothly processes your requests, allowing you to focus on what’s most important—patient care.
5. Build a Valued Partnership
In a market flooded with middlemen, selling directly to Soma Tech intl guarantees that you receive maximum profit for your equipment.
6. Retain a Comprehensive Removal Service
Our experienced logistics personnel are conveniently able to remove equipment for refurbishment, making sure the system arrives in good condition.
7. Regain Storage and Floor Space
Increase productivity, expand services, ensure regulatory compliance, and revive your practice with reclaimed square footage currently consumed by unused equipment.
8. Responsible Buyers
Soma Tech intl has developed a stringent equipment evaluation and refurbishing process. We employ a prized team of international biomedical engineers who bring our equipment to OEM specifications. As a member of IAMERS, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the industry.
9. Conduct Trade-In Transactions
Looking to upgrade? Earmark the value your current equipment with Soma Tech intl as trade-in credit for new equipment.
10. Green Business Solutions
Our efforts set the highest standards for sustainable business models and follow the green standard of reduce, reuse, recycle.