High Flow Nasal Cannula

Soma Tech Intl offers high flow nasal cannula’s up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new. The HFNC’s that Soma Tech has to offer include high flow nasal cannula’s from top manufacturers. Are you interested in specific brands? Check out our Fisher and Paykel HFNC’s, Vapotherm HFNC’s, or Getinge HFNC’s.

A High Flow Nasal Cannula is a vital medical device utilized in hospitals and healthcare settings to deliver oxygen and humidified air to patients with respiratory insufficiency or failure. This device provides a higher flow rate of oxygen compared to traditional oxygen delivery systems, enhancing respiratory support while maintaining patient comfort. Popular manufacturers in the industry include Fisher and Paykel, Vapotherm, and Getinge, recognized for their expertise in producing high-quality respiratory care equipment. High Flow Nasal Cannulas are commonly used in various clinical settings, including intensive care units, emergency departments, and neonatal units, where precise oxygen delivery and humidity control are crucial for patient recovery. By delivering warmed and humidified oxygen at adjustable flow rates, these devices help improve oxygenation, reduce work of breathing, and enhance patient comfort during respiratory therapy.

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