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Soma Tech Intl offers Capnography monitors up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new. Soma Tech only offers capno monitors from top manufacturers like Medtronic, Covidien, and Nellcor. CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is a product of metabolism transported via perfusion and expelled through ventilation.
End-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) waveform monitoring allows the measurement of all three. A target EtCO2 value should be 35-45 mmHg. To evaluate the metabolism, ventilation, and perfusion of the patient through EtCO2 waveform monitoring you need to read the PQRST.
P is for Proper. This means knowing the normal readings for quantity, rate, shape, and trending of EtCO2. One great thing about EtCO2 is that although ventilation rates vary based on age, normal readings for quantity, shape, and trends are the same for men and women of all ages, making them easy to remember.
Q is for Quantity. The Target EtCO2 value should be around 35-45 mmHg.
R is for Rate. The rate of ventilation should be between 12-20 breaths per minute (bpm) for adults if the patient is breathing on their own, or 10-12 bpm if you’re ventilating them. Children should be ventilated at a rate of 15-30 bpm and 25-30 bpm for infants. Ventilating too quickly won’t let enough CO2 build up in the alveoli, resulting in a lower EtCO2 reading.
S is for Shape. The shape of the waveform should normally be a rectangle with rounded corners. Different shapes can mean different conditions.
T is for trending. The quantity, rate, and shape of the EtCO2 should be stable or improving.

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