About Soma Tech Intl

High Quality Medical Equipment at Affordable Prices

Soma Tech Intl was founded in 1992 by two young biomedical entrepreneurs that identified a market need for high quality medical equipment at affordable prices and supplied by a local company.

The company was first located in a small office in Rocky Hill, CT serving facilities in the central Connecticut area employing only a handful of dedicated employees.

Just within 5 years, Soma Tech Intl had expanded its market reach to serve facilities around the New England area and developed enough customer relationships and brand awareness resulting in its move to a new, larger facility in Cheshire, CT in 1996, where it could accommodate a larger inventory and more team members. This move allowed Soma Tech to continue to expand its product line and by the late 90s Soma had become a worldwide supplier of new and refurbished medical equipment setting the standards for the industry.

In order to accommodate its resounding success, increasing demand and a growing team, Soma Tech Intl relocated its headquarter to a brand new, state of the art facility in Bloomfield, CT in 2008, where it houses the largest inventory of medical equipment in the industry.

Our Mission & Goals

Soma’s main mission is to provide high quality new and refurbished medical equipment to healthcare facilities worldwide at affordable costs.

Our Goals

  • To Facilitate Medical Equipment Acquisition by maintaining one of the largest medical equipment inventories and providing product turnkey solutions for our customers. In other words, Soma Tech Intl provides a one-stop-shop platform where our customers can compare and contrast among major models and manufacturers. And because we are capable of outfitting entire healthcare facilities, our customers no longer need to purchase from multiple sources saving time and money.
  • To Improve Quality by assuring that all of our refurbished equipment meets and exceeds all customer expectations. We accomplish that by ensuring that we hire only the most qualified biomedical engineers and that the most comprehensive refurbishing process is applied to each and every piece of equipment.
  • To Reduce Costs by offering up to 60% savings on the cost of medical equipment.

Why Soma

Because medical equipment plays a significant role on the success of a healthcare facility, it is important to carefully evaluate the suppliers. Although there are several suppliers in the industry, only Soma can offer you:

Experience & Reliability

With over 30 years of experience, Soma Tech is the leader in the refurbished medical equipment industry and our customers can count on us to provide a complete product turnkey solution that is guaranteed to meet their needs while staying on budget.

Large Inventory & Quality Products

Soma Tech Intl provides its customer with a one-stop-shop platform by proudly stocking the largest quantity and variety of medical equipment in the industry, allowing our customers to compare among major models and manufacturers.

In House Biomedical Engineering Department

Soma Tech Intl employs the largest team of biomedical engineers in the industry, and all of them are highly trained to refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Customer Service

Soma provides its customer with a one-stop-shop platform by proudly stocking the largest quantity and variety of medical equipment in the industry, allowing our customers to compare among major models and manufactures.


Only Soma Tech Intl can guarantee up to 5 years of parts availability for all the products we sell. We encourage you to visit our parts website at www.somamedicalparts.com


All of our products are accompanied by a standard industry warranty and we carry a comprehensive liability insurance guaranteeing our customers peace of mind.

The Refurbishing Process

Our extensive library of service manuals, large inventory of parts and highly trained, in-house biomedical engineers have allowed Soma Tech Intl to set the standard for technical refurbishment of medical equipment

Technical Refurbishment

Our extensive library of service manuals and large parts inventory allow our biomeds to refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufactures specifications. First, there is decontamination and cleaning. An initial physical condition check and once the unit is approved it goes into the technical refurbishment stage. The batteries are replaced allowing for testing to begin. All of our biomeds are equipped with the latest testing equipment and all equipment parameters and conditions are functionally verified according to the specifications of the manufacturer. At this stage, any and all parts or components that are not performing properly are replaced and repaired according to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.

Upon replacement of malfunctioning parts and components, the unit is then reassembled and it is ready to undergo further testing and calibration. At this point, all accessories, peripherals and modules commonly used with the equipment are introduced so overall operation and effectiveness can be verified.

Cosmetic Refurbishment

The next step to assure the highest quality of our products is our complete cosmetic reconditioning process. At this point, every piece of equipment is inspected for any wear and tear. Units are then sanded, primed and painted as necessary. We use the highest quality products in this process and all equipment is painted in our brand new AFC paint booth by factory trained staff. The result of this comprehensive process is a piece of equipment that is completely functional and free of all blemishes.

Finally, each unit undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks and only after satisfactory certified – it goes in packaging and shipping.