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Soma Tech Intl offers new, demo, and refurbished medical capture devices up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new. Soma Tech only supplies DICOM with other capture devices from top manufacturers like MediCap, Stryker, and Axia. Image and Video capture devices typically use a frame grabber to capture video signals from medical devices which then relay it to a computer for further processing. The global standard for storing these videos and images is DICOM which stands for Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine. This file format is used to store, exchange, and transmit medical images. The DICOM standard uses protocols for many different imaging techniques such as radiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasonography, and radiation therapy.

History of DICOM

As stated above DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. It’s the current global standard for the communication and management of medical imaging information. In the 1980s, it was difficult for hospitals and medical facilities to decode images that those medical devices generated. The first standard for digital imaging and communication was released in 1985 and called ACR/NEMO 300. In 1988, version 2 of ACR/NEMO was released. Later in 1993, the third version of the standard was released. This is when they changed the name to Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.

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