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Selling Used Medical Equipment Just Got Easier

Surplus medical equipment is a big commodity for Soma Tech Intl. What emerges is a dynamic program of reclaiming and refurbishing medical equipment, which has been at the core of the company’s activities for twenty years. This mode of operation sets the highest standards for sustainable business models and provides a path for healthy medical business practices.

Soma Tech makes it easy for hospitals and surgery centers to decide what to do with their surplus medical equipment. Responsible disposal of unmarketable equipment is the second largest way Soma’s business impacts the environment.

Managing the removal and logistics of medical equipment is a vital service provided by Soma. As the result, hospitals can focus on patient care, and Soma can continue to grow, while tons of equipment stays out of landfills.

  • 100%HIPAA Compliant
  • 24 HourLead Response Time
  • 30+ Yearsin Business

Why sell your equipment to Soma Tech Intl?

  • Liquidate assets
  • Expedite transactions
  • Regain storage and floor space
  • Conduct trade-in transactions
  • Retain a comprehensive removal service
  • We cover shipping!

Who sells to Soma Tech Intl?

  • Hospitals
  • Surgery Centers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Service Engineers
  • Biomedical and Clinical Engineers
  • Materials Managers
  • Supply Chain Directors

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