Smoke Evacuators

Soma Tech Intl offers smoke evacuators up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new. The smoke evacuators that Soma Tech has to offer include smoke evacuators from top manufacturers. Are you interested in specific brands? Check out our Bovie Aaron smoke evacuators, Conmed smoke evacuators, or Medtronic smoke evacuators.

Smoke evacuators are medical devices used during surgical procedures to remove surgical smoke, which is generated when tissues are cut or cauterized. They help maintain a clear surgical field by extracting smoke plumes containing harmful particles, gases, and viruses, thereby improving visibility for surgeons and reducing the risk of inhalation-related health issues for the surgical team. Smoke evacuators play a crucial role in creating a safer and healthier operating environment, particularly in procedures involving electrosurgery, laser surgery, and other energy-based modalities.

Popular Manufacturers of Smoke Evacuators
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