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Oridion Microcap Features

The Oridion Microcap is a portable capnograph that’s used for the continuous monitoring of EtCO2 (End-tidal carbon dioxide), FiCO2 (Fractional inspired carbon dioxide), and RR (Respiratory rate). It can display EtCO2 and FiCO2 in either mmHg, kPa, or Vol% and can provide output for a printer, PC, or digital-to-analog converter. This Oridion capnography monitor uses microstream non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy to monitor CO2 while breathing.

  • Displays CO2 waveform, EtCO2 numerical value, and Respiratory rate or FiCO2.
  • Can connect to communication adapter, printer, PC, digital to analog converter, nurse call system, and patient monitoring systems.
  • Operating time is between 4 and 7 hours depending on device usage.
  • Weighs 1.66 lbs with a battery.

Oridion Microcap Specifications


  • Height: 8.11 in (20.6 cm)
  • Width: 3.46 in (8.8 cm)
  • Depth: 2.06 in (5.25 cm)
  • Weight: 1.66 lbs. (0.75 kg)


  • Sampling Rate: 50 ml/min.
  • CO2 Range: 0-99 mmHg (0-13.2 kPa and 0-13.0 Vol%) at sea level
  • EtCO2 Accuracy
    • From power-up until steady state, the CO2 reading accuracy is:
      • 0 – 38 mmHg: (±4 mmHg)
      • 39 – 99 mmHg: (±12% of reading)
    • CO2 reading reaches steady state accuracy 20 minutes after power up.
      • 0 – 38 mmHg: (±2 mmHg)
      • 39- 99 mmHg: (±5% of reading + 0.08% for every 1 mmHg above 40 mmHg)
    • Equivalent values for kPa and Vol%
  • Respiration Rate: 0-150 breaths/min.
  • Warm-up Time: 30 seconds (typical)

Frequency Response

  • EtCO2 accuracy is maintained up to 80 breaths/min. (For maintaining accuracy for respiration rate over 60 bpm, use the neonatal mode.) From 81 to 150 bpm accuracy is ±12%, if the EtCO2 is higher than 18.8 mmHg in neonatal mode.

System Response Time

  • 2.45 seconds (typical), 2.9 seconds maximum (includes delay and rise time)

Rise Time

  • Neonate: 190 msec with low dead space endotracheal tube adapter
  • Adult: 240 msec with FilterLine airway adapter

Battery / Power

  • External Power Source: 12V DC Medical Grade Adapter
  • Internal Power Source: Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack 7.2V 2.1 A/h
    • Operating Time (fully charged): Between 4 and 7 hours, depending on power management. These values reflect the performance of a new battery; age and usage will decrease capacity.
    • Recharging Period: Approximately 4.5 hours of internal recharging
    • Charger Type: Internal



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