Smith and Nephew Dyonics 25 Fluid Management System

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Smith and Nephew Dyonics 25 Fluid Management System Features

The Smith & Nephew Dyonics 25 Fluid Management System is an easy-to-use, high-flow pump with consistent performance in all arthroscopic applications. No calibration is required to use this system. Simply insert the tubing cassette and select the cannula size. The Dyonics 25 has flow rates up to 2.5 lpm. It maintains stable pressure in the joint and also maintains a clear field of view.

  • User-friendly touchscreen user interface.
  • Minimizes saline usage by controlling the fluid outflow.
  • Custom outflow settings maximize in-joint visibility while minimizing fluid usage.
  • High-flow performance.


Dyonics 25 Fluid Management System Specifications


  • Height: 6” (15.24 cm)
  • Width: 12” (30.48 cm)
  • Depth: 14” (35.56 cm)


  • Easy to use: No calibration required. The touchscreen interface is user-friendly.
  • A clear image: Unrivalled in-joint pressure accuracy.
  • High performance: High flow to 2.5 l/min, outflow control, and a Lavage function.
  • Minimizes saline usage: Controls fluid outflow

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