Maquet Rotaflow Pump With Medtronic Bio-Cal 370

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Maquet Rotaflow Pump With Medtronic Bio-Cal 370

ECMO Package

Soma Tech Intl offers full ECMO setups for up to 50% below the cost of new ones with the same service and warranty contracts from the manufacturer. Our ECMO machines are fully refurbished and reconditioned mechanically and technically, which ensures the ECMO device functions like new ones. This extracorporeal membrane oxygenation setup comes with the Maquet Rotaflow centrifugal pump, the Medtronic Bio-Cal 370 heater/cooler system, and a blender.

Maquet Rotaflow Centrifugal Pump

The Maquet Rotaflow centrifugal pump is one of the centrifugal pumps that comes without a metal shaft or seal. The pump features a peg-top, one-point bearing that can lower friction. The centrifugal pump has a spiral housing that helps ensure an optimal flow ratio and can use a lower priming volume of 32 ml to reduce solids that can form in the blood.

Medtronic Bio-Cal 370 Temperature Controller

The Medtronic Bio-Medicus Bio-Cal 370 Temperature Controller is a microprocessor-controlled heater/cooler system that helps control patients’ blood temperature through a variety of heat exchangers. It features three temperature probe displays for monitoring remote temperatures. The Medtronic Bio-Cal brings water to a set temperature between 0 and 42 degrees. Although the Medtronic 370 does not store data, the unit had an RS232/422/485 port to connect a computer or serial printer. This heater/cooler system can hold 8.5 liters in the reservoir.


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