Stryker 1588 AIM Complete Tower System

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Stryker 1588 AIM Complete Tower System Features

The 1588 AIM (Advanced Imaging Modalities) is Stryker’s next-generation visualization platform. The
platform includes a number of technological advancements changing the way you visualize the surgical
field. The 1588 AIM is designed to improve patient outcomes by offering not only premium optics with
uncompromised platform integration and cross-specialty functionality, but also advanced imaging
capabilities—allowing you to see and do more in the operating room.

Cross-Specialty Standardization

  • Allows for standardization of video systems to one platform
  • With advanced imaging, the 1588 AIM Platform is designed to improve the ability to identify critical anatomy, as well as increase efficiencies in operating procedures
  • Offers 9 surgical specialties to optimize color and lighting settings by user and specialty

Advanced Imaging

  • Designed to illuminate posterior compartments of the
    surgical image and enhance visualization deep into the dark
  • DRE (Dynamic Range Enhancement): Designed to improve
    visualization in the surgical field by creating a brighter
    image in dark and posterior compartments by up to 150%.
    Activation of DRE is done with a touch of a button on the
    1588 AIM camera head
  • Desaturation: Advanced imaging modality within the 1588
    AIM Camera System that decreases the saturation of color
    in the image to the level preferable by the surgeon
  • Clarity: real-time video enhancement device designed to
    improve visualization by increasing clarity, contrast and
    detail. This Military grade technology helps surgeons see
    through sub-optimal conditions by improving image quality
    up to 48%.



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